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strida folding bicycle

Ultra-portable folding bike
Hi-tech design with aluminium frame
Smooth and easy to ride
Folds in seconds
Only 10kg
From £249.95

strida micro portable folder bike

Welcome to the Strida Forum community website, for owners and fans of the Strida series micro-folding bikes designed by Mark Sanders. Browse around the site using the links below. Please join our forum and post some of your own stories and comments. If you are looking for where to buy a Strida, click here!.

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Strida News

strida folding bicycle 01 April 2007
Strida5 Unveiled in Taipei

The Strida5 has been displayed at the Taipei International Cycle Show 2007. See here for a video of the presentation.

We want to know, how come they get it first in Asia when it's a British invention? And what happened to the Strida4 anyway!?

strida folding bicycle 26 September 2006
Queen's Nephew Using Strida

This article by The Mirror reports that Viscount Linley is using a Strida bicycle to take his daughter to school, but he has been critised because the Strida is not designed to carry two people. A spokesperson for Strida is reported as saying, “The shelf is to carry a light raincoat, not a child. Viscount Linley is taking an incredible risk.“ We strongly advise against anyone trying this with an A-Bike!

locust concept folding bicycle 13 September 2006
Locust Concept Bicycle Folds into a Wheel

This was recently spotted by a few readers. Yanko Design are showcasing a concept design by Josef Cadek for a bicycle with a circular frame, where both wheels, and the handle bars fold inside it, resulting in a folded bike the size of one wheel! In order to achieve this, the designer states that, “Common chain system is replaced by belt system with outer toothing. Belt is mounted on two rollers. Both chainwheel and pinion have outer toothing as well.”

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