Specifications of Strida components

Strida manual mention numbers like IDs for its components. Is there a place with description about the standards used for these parts?

For example the bolt that hold the wheel is made according to specific standard of stainless steel A4 or A2 with strength of 70. Galvanized steel or just metal would be inferior and maybe not as much safe for such applications.
Given that strida is very delicate and sensitive (unlike many of the other bikes), for such important pieces that carry half/full of the riders weight and exposed to water, salt and other things … choosing the right strength and material might be important for safety reasons. Maybe users should know the standards such as DIN or ISO for original Strida items, mainly for the critical parts if the user want to buy them from local hardware stores.

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Hi Ala,
no, Ming cycle never published mentioned specifications!

Even more (repectively less!) than that; at parts we can identify without any doubt (example rear hinge bolt 373) we can see that Ming has no clue about specs!
Bolt 373 is an M8 bolt of the strength class 8.8. - easily to identify due the stamped mark on the bolt’s head.
Ming cycle recommends at the actual manual (at page 19) a torque of 34 - 38 Nm - that is certainly much too high for that strength class!

Also, it is not intended by Ming that you buy parts from third parties - you should buy original parts :roll_eyes:


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