Any way to stop saddle sliding backwards without overtightening clamps?

So, I have a problem: I love when saddle is a little bit closer to the frame than saddle “wants” to be.
Every time after I position it and then tighten clamps (but not too much to avoid possible damage to plastic parts), it slowly starts to slide back while I ride, for about 1.5 centimeters or so. Then it kinda stops sliding.
I’ve tried to add some rubber gaskets (cut from old tubes) expecting it to give a little bit more resistance on metal-on-metal place, where clamp meets rails, but it isn’t helping.
I’m using a Strida leather saddle and quick release mount, if it matters. Waiting for Brooks B67 arrive in two weeks or so, and expecting it to have the same problem.
Sorry if this been asked before… I’ve tried to search the forum but it yielded no results.

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Well…I don’t remember to have heard about your issue, so, the following are just guesses…

First, I don’t think that you need to take (too) much care about the plastic around the position of the saddle bolt, maybe a quarter turn more at the saddle bolt would fix the problem.
Could it be that the clamps are bent?
Did you try do degrease clamp and rail surface with pure alcohol?
(Do not use nail varnish remover!)
As a last chance I’d consider making micro scratches at rail and clamp surface, rectangular to the slipping direction, with fine sandpaper.

I tried to just wipe them with a paper towels, but totally forgot that you could degrease stuff, too. Will try, thanks. And with a little bit of tightening.

Edit: degreasing helped

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