Too noisy freewheel

I bought a boeing used Strida LT. So it is my first experience of ghost type of bicycle.
My Strida is in very good, nearly new condition. The only point is too noisy operation of the freewheel.
I had a chance to compare two Strida bicycles. And the sound is really noisy. What can I do to solve this problem? Thank you.

Some additional info: my Strida is 2016 year of manufacture, freewheel is plastic.

So your freewheel is looking like this one, correct?

That is for my meaning already a less noisy version compared to the aluminium one.
I’d simply try to replace this version with a new one of the same type.

From my experience the new plastic freewheel has a very different sound then the aluminum freewheel, and I don’t like the sound! It has a high pitched whine when coasting, the aluminum may be a little be noisier but I personally prefer the lower pitched sound of the aluminum freewheel.

Cheers, Bill

Thanks a lot. But I do not know how exactly looks the freewheel of my Strida. Looks like plastic but I cannot see what the inner part is made of - metall or also plastic. I have compared the sound with another Strida bike of 2012 year of manufacture. That bike has aluminium freewheel and it sounds much more silent than my freewheel.

It’s not that complicated, if it is whole black it will be a plastic freewheel :wink:

There you are:

My dear EVO is quite noisy now. I hear “rrooohh” kind of noise when not pedaling. Also when leading my EVO the chainwheel rotates. Is new freewheel the only option?

BTW The ball joint socket is broken… again… Argh! Right now I can’t figure out or remember how that happen AGAIN.

What’s wrong with me?


Got my Strida MK3 used last week . Encountered noise when pedaling hard . I’ve checked the correct torque and lubricated some of the contact point based on the online manual book . I still noticed a side to side movement when pedaling . I think is the micro movement in the BB and belt fastener box ( older Strida with BB cover ) . Anyone have the same idea ? I plan to open the whole box and put a buffer like old inner tube or some sort of tape for pipe leaking . To lessen the movement and creaking sound.

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