Strida - Brazilian Owners


My name is Ernani and I live in Brazil.

I am the proud owner of a brand new Strida Evo 18". This is my 3rd Strida (the other ones were Strida 2 and Strida 3.5).

Stridas are rare in my country. I’d like to be in contact with other Strida owners in my country. We have a chat group and we’d like to bring more people.


Hello Ernani,

to you and all Brazilians :smiley:

Congratulations for your new bike, wishing you much fun and good luck!

Kind regards,


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I live in Niteroi and I have a Strida SX


Hi @Bruno_Bastos_Lima, very nice that you joined the forum and thank you for introducing yourself. Enjoy your Strida SX! If you want you can post some cool photos of your Strida in the flesh! :slight_smile:

Hello Bruno!! Great to hear that! Would you like to join in our Strideiros Brasil whatsapp group? If yes, please let me know.



Hi. My name is Douglas. I live in Brazil. I spend my days between São Paulo and São Vicente (the first city founded in Brazil). I’m interested in finding other Strida owners around here. Hugs.

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