Serial numbers

Is there any index of serial numbers and any related information, such as when and where built?

Hi BigAl, yes Strida have a data base of Strida bikes 5.0 and newer, if you were to email me or PM me the info I can check it for you.
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…and for ancient ones you can check here, too:

Old stuff about the past generations of Strida

Thank you for your replies :smiley: Very helpful and informative :slight_smile:

I just joining the the ranks of Strida owners, having used one, owned by a friend on holiday.

My new treasure is an early Strida 2 s/n 000033, pre-folding handlebars.

Hi BigAl,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Of course I do appreciate the enthusiasm regarding ancient Strida bikes :sunglasses:
Hopefully you notice in time that these bikes are unfortunately not suitable for regular riding,
the problem is that certain parts are not any longer available - definitely nowhere.
Even the production of Strida 3 parts was stopped years ago.
So, for my opinion, are these bikes for collectors - for riders I’d recommend to use any model from 5 upwards.

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Thanks Chris, :smiley:

Point taken. I have a half-a-dozen Bromptons and parts for the older ones are not an issue, but the older steel 3 speed bike are not really suitable for daily or sustained use… I guess great age comes at a cost :slight_smile:

Hi I have the Serial# M13B002316 om one side of the frame and EN1302 on another one. What does it mean? How could I calculate the production year and the model and where is it made?

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Hello Alex,

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Well, that’s not so easy…

Since a while, I’m unable to reach neither nor - my virus scanner says the pages are both infected, no idea what’s going on in Taiwan.
Please be very careful if you try yourself!

Possibly you could reach them via their old mail address

Could you post an image of your bike please?

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Hi Alex, the EN1302 is the part number for the frame. The other is the serial #, the last time I requested information from Ming regarding a serial number they didn’t reply, this was just before the big earthquake! Strida bikes are only made in Taiwan, if you post a photo we will be able to tell you what model it is.


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