Serial numbers

Is there any index of serial numbers and any related information, such as when and where built?

Hi BigAl, yes Strida have a data base of Strida bikes 5.0 and newer, if you were to email me or PM me the info I can check it for you.
cheers, Bill

…and for ancient ones you can check here, too:

Old stuff about the past generations of Strida

Thank you for your replies :smiley: Very helpful and informative :slight_smile:

I just joining the the ranks of Strida owners, having used one, owned by a friend on holiday.

My new treasure is an early Strida 2 s/n 000033, pre-folding handlebars.

Hi BigAl,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Of course I do appreciate the enthusiasm regarding ancient Strida bikes :sunglasses:
Hopefully you notice in time that these bikes are unfortunately not suitable for regular riding,
the problem is that certain parts are not any longer available - definitely nowhere.
Even the production of Strida 3 parts was stopped years ago.
So, for my opinion, are these bikes for collectors - for riders I’d recommend to use any model from 5 upwards.

Kind regards,


Thanks Chris, :smiley:

Point taken. I have a half-a-dozen Bromptons and parts for the older ones are not an issue, but the older steel 3 speed bike are not really suitable for daily or sustained use… I guess great age comes at a cost :slight_smile: