Noise "clic" Strida?

Hi, simple and definitive solution for the Strida “click”.
Easy put grease on the nylon washer rear axle.

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Hi strident,

maybe that helped in your case, truly possible.
Praise the lord that you were lucky :smiley:
But after many years of research (and solving dozens of this issue) I can tell definitely that this is not the general solution.
Do you think we created this rear-hinge-2022-trilock-system-for-all-strida-versions just because we didn’t notice the plastic washer?
And how would you explain that?

It is mainly the issue which I explained in detail already here: rear-hinge-finally-the-sad-truth

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Hi Chris, remember you sell my the Trilock system and after two attempts with Trilock the noise follow when sit or press pedal, and I continue with the original screw.
The Trilock is good idea but not resolve lack of grease on the axle nylon washer, nor the small movements of the tubes on the axle.
Obviously not fault botton braket, neither free whel.
Then I disassemble the axle and I see the dried nylon washer.
A hinge without lubricant will soon noise.
I buyed my Strida 5.0 very very cheap for this reason, before was checked by a bicycle mechanic, and then the price was almost a gift.
I have read everything about Strida clicking noise on the forum.
I only use the Strida in the city and after about 100 km zero clicking noise…
I m sorry, my inglish is very bad

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Yep, worked for me too. Been doing this for years. Well, like 1x a year if it starts creaking I just put a couple of drops of ceramic oil (actually used for my inline skates) in there.

/edit FYI I don’t take anything apart, just insert here and make a foldy unfoldy movement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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