Replacement Item 375

The screw hex head of item 375 is damaged/stripped . Anyone know the specs for this and where can I buy a replacement? And any idea how could I unscrew it ?


the correct specification is:
Mushroom head bolt M6 x 20 mm with 4 mm Allen key head, made of stainless steel.
Well-sorted DIY shops should be able to source it.
Alternative: front-axle-bolt-strida
I’d suggest you look for professional help regarding unscrewing, that can be a tricky task. Professionals will have the required tools already, namely screw retractors.
Hint: The original bolt was glued with thread locking compound, heat will help to loosen it (~ 200°C). Instead of a torch, you should use a temperature-controlled, electric heat-gun.
In worst case, you need to replace the front axle 238.

Also, you could send me the axle and I’ll try my best :wink:



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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your help! :pray:t2: I managed to unscrew it now and I will buy another one with star shape instead of Hex.
This happened because I used the automatic screw driver for fastening the screws. I realized it is better to use torque wrench for the last rotations and should be slow + apply little pressure toward the screw.

I feel that this bike is like Lego for every piece there is a trick. Yesterday I removed the magnet by using the metal piece from the rear wheel … Then I needed to figure out how to release it … The magnet :magnet: is so strong. Then I put the magnet in the wrong direction and it was impossible to take it out … I removed the brakes screws to remove the tire and the magnet then some washers fall down from the back… I thought the flat washeres should be in front …etc it took many hours :grin:


fine to read that you managed that :+1:

Naaah, not that wild…you need tricks also for other bikes…
Here’s the trick for the magnet btw…slide something with big mass (big hammer) sideways over the magnet - and then pull in direction of the axle - magnet will be attached to hammer :wink: :upside_down_face:

Next time you’ll be much faster I bet :grin:

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