tire replacement?


I bought Strida 5 about a month ago, but after ten days of
enjoyable ride, the rear tire was punctured. :frowning:
(I believe that it was my mistake, not a defect on the tire.)

Anyway, so I’m looking for a replacement tire. Can I use 40-305,
100 psi tire? I know that the normal air pressure is about 65 psi.
What happens if I inflate the tire only up to that? (Sorry that I’m
so ignorant about bicycle maintenance.)

I thought Strida5 has standard metal rims so it should be good for 100psi with a 100psi tyre eg 40-305 Kwest … (but may be a hard ride). Unlike the plastic wheel I have, the 5 uses absolutely standard bike rims and an tyres. So you should be able to either fix the inner tube with a patch or replace it … I’d also check a few things …

  1. Has the tyre still got a thorn (even tinny) stick in it … as this will keep puncturing new inner tubes ? (tate tyre off and carefully feelthe whole inner surface for sharp points/ edges.
  2. Check that the tape on the in side of the metal rim is properly in pace (ie centrally on the rim) so that it covers up all the nipples … on end of spokes. Unlike human ones, these nipple can be very sharp :slight_smile: … and if they make contaqct with inner tube they can puncture it.
  3. If nec. check all nipples for spikes and even use a 2nd band of rim tape over the original.
  4. Check the rim itself for any sharp edges facing towards the inner tube.

the nice thing about the Strida is as it doesn’t have forks check , swopping and replacing tyres and ntubes is very easy … the wheels stay in place.

Thanks for the kind answers! I’ll definitely check them.

By the way, what happens if I inflate a 100 psi tire only up to 65 psi?
Would I have a gentler ride then? Or it doesn’t work that way?
Or, in other direction, can I use a tire with less pressure, like 40 psi?
(Again, sorry for this huge ignorance of mine.)

60psi would be OK, as would 40, but I personally wouldn’t go less… to avoid pinching the tyre and a nasty squiry feeling on bends :smiley:

Pneumatic tyres are effectively adjustable air shocks (like the ones mountain biker pay 100’s for :slight_smile: ) … you can adjust for a better ride with lower pressure or lower rolling resistance with higher pressure.