MAXXIS Hookworm 16" x 1,95 (53 - 305) tyre request

Dear readers,

some posts mention the tyre

MAXXIS Hookworm, 16" x 1,95 (ETRTO 53 - 305)
max. pressure: ~ 8 bar (!)

(Shown is the more common 20" version!)

(As far I could figure out, this BMX tyre is(was) used mostly for trikes, recumbents and trailers.)

Three months after the first attempt to order this tyre in Austria (via Germany),
after several mails and phone calls I had to accept that’s not possible for the Maxxis general distributor “Funbike” to order it because of the minimum order limit of 50 pieces (!?).

I want to state here that the guys of are really nice and give their best to be helpful, also the Maxxis Support Team, many thanks to both!

I would like to know, please:

- Does anybody have actual experience riding Hookworms 16" x 1,95 ?

- Does somebody know where to order Hookworms 16" x 1,95 (preferred EU)?

Thank you!




it seems indeed that 16" Hookworm tires can not be found in Europe.

Why would you choose this tire: for its robustness or because of its high filling pressure?

If you are looking for performance,then a Schwalbe Marathon Racer will probably be faster (even with a max. pressure of 6 bar) because it has a thinner structure. It is also much lighter (290 g vs. 540 g) so it will accelerate better.

Of course if have a very agressive ride style and jump over the sidewalks, then the Maxxis will be more appropriate, but will the rest of the bike stand it as well :question:

Hi Bietrume,

thanks for research!

Being not a wild one like you, the idea was inverted:

Good enough for BMX, these tyres might not be bad for City I thought…
Due to 1,95 there is a sensible change of the gear ratio (maybe a training for 18").
I’ve tested Schwalbe City Jet (same size), but the max. pressure of 4,5 bar is too low.
My favourite tyres are the 18" Kojaks, never before I’ve ridden high pressure tyres - a really great feeling.
The bug of the Kojak is it’s behaviour at fine sand, leaves or anything wet enough - causing frequently real feeling!

That’s why I want to test these tyres. :smiley:

Has anyone tried these tires?
What is the inflated diameter?
I know they have a very tall sidewall on the 26x2.5" size but am curious how big the overall diameter is in this 16x1.95 size.

Hello Guest,

yes, it’s a funny ride with good grip, even on grass or (fine) gravel paths.
Not tested in wet conditions by now…
And of course are Hookworms not comfortable, I mean high pressure tires have to be inflated to their maximum :smiling_imp:

The diameter will be a few mm’s below the 41 cm mark, here compared to 18 x 1,35" tire size:

If you are searching for comfort, you might also consider the Schwalbe Big Apple in 16 x 2,00" (ETRTO 50 - 305)
Btw, the Big Apple does have a reflective sidewall, the Hookworm not.

As mentioned already at the forum (examples below), you might have to solve two known problems;

  • the magnet (mount) has to be modified for proper function,
  • and there are sometimes tire mounting issues.
    (Short explanation, out of experience: Original Strida 16" rims do not really good fit to extremely wide tires. Therefore it is occasionally difficult to get the tire in the correct position all around of the rim’s bead, even with a perfect trued rim would such a tire run out-of-round.
    If that happens, look for an air compressor and this: :wink: )

tires bigger than 16 x 1.50 on Strida 5.0 ?

Make wheels further apart when folded (redux)

16" custom wheels, radial 36 spoked

Maybe interesting:
Are the required parts (spacers and longer wheel bolts) available via Strida Roma?!strida-roma—red-devil/ccwi

There are less tube than tire sizes - each tube size will cover a range of tire sizes…for example Schwalbe AV 2

  • for 14 x 1 3/8" up to 16 x 1,5" -
    wide tires need bigger tubes!

There’s a tire pressure limit for (plastic) LT wheels!

I’m highly interested in the magnet modification, a prototype of “wide-tire-kit” was already made:
Aluminium spacers + stainless steel wheel bolts in steps of 5 mm

Hookworms in that size can be hard to find, could you please share your source?

Actually I was the guest asking the diameter.
I am trying to make my 5.0 faster but don’t want to buy the 18" wheelset because I want the comfort of the fatter 16" tires.

Out of curiousity, what is the diameter difference with the 18" Marathon Plus?

Any idea what the diameter of the 16" Big Apple tire is?
Bigger or smaller than the Hookworms?
I want to find the largest diameter 16" tire that fits my 5.0 frame.
I am even willing to remove my fenders.

Great info, thanks.
I see Hookworms for sale on Ebay.

Ah, it’s you ttakata73 :smiley:

I’d say both will not work…
either a bit faster with less comfort - Hookworm -
or (very close) to the speed before, but more comfort - Big Apple - …

Please take also a look at this post for the wide tire mounting issue.
Problem with Big Apple 16"

The diameter difference of 18 x 1,35" to 16 x 2,00" is nearby 2 cm (42,7 - 40,7).

Diameter of Hookworm and Big Apple are in fact almost identical,
the fatter look of the Hookworms is caused by profile depth and shape.

The largest possible 16 inch tire size will be 16 x 2,125" (57 - 305),
this would add about 0,125" (= 3,175 mm).
Schwalbe Mad Mike 57-305
I guess these should fit, but didn’t check that so far…

Big Apple (front/lower) vs Hookworm:

Schwalbe Big Apple compared to Kenda Kwest 16 x 1,5", both on original rims:

Thanks again Blackstridaaustria, you are a god on this forum.
If the Big Apple is the same diameter as the Hookworm, I will try them since they are lighter and more comfortable.
I have the metal spoked wheelset so I should not have a problem with tire inflation and extending the magnet system is easy for me to do.

So I will try to do the math to figure out the speed differences with this calculator.
If you plug in the gear inches, 100t chainring, and 30t drive hub; these speeds come up at 90rpm cadence.

16x1.5" Kenda Kwest (stock)
15.25" diameter (measured on my new bike)
15.25" x 100 /30= 50.3 gear inches
13.6 mph @ 90 rpm

16x2" Big Apple
40.7cm=16.02" diameter,
16.02" × 100 ÷ 30 = 53.4 gear inches
14.3 mph @ 90 rpm

18x1.35" Marathon Plus
42.7cm =16.81" diameter,
16.81" × 100 ÷ 30 = 56.3 gear inches
15 mph @ 90 rpm

So the 16" Big Apple and Hookworm gets you halfway to the speed of the 18" Marathon Plus but gives up the balloon tire comfort.

Considering humans walk ~3-4 mph, is the extra 0.7 mph worth buying an 18" wheelset over a pair of 16" Big Apples?

Many thanks, but no, I’m surely not…

As you say; that’s the math…
Reality might feel different…

Considering that you had to pedal just 5 rounds more per minute to reach the same speed as on original tires…

  • it’s not even worth buying bigger tires :laughing:

Hi, just stumbled up on this post. I didn’t read it thoroughly. just an idea came to my mind when I saw this. Bigger tires have less rolling resistance (smaller tires has less time to undo the deformation of the rubber and get back to circular shape at the same speed). Riding comfort and safety are also things to consider. On otherhand bigger mean heavier and a bit more space.

There is also a third problem, next to weight and space.
We found out later that hookworms do not match to the original rims, it is impossible to mount them on these.
The only tyres which do fit are the Schwalbe Big Apples - even mudguards can be used.
For extremely wide tyres there are other rims and more tricks required :wink: