Disc brake caliper lever bumps into caliper body


Subpart #2 (of 340-04/240-04 - brake caliper) bumps into subpart #1 when brake pads are worn heavily:

If the outer pad is already screwed inward at full, the brake does not work and there is no way of adjusting it.
But it happens that brake pads are still usable at this moment - 5 minutes of ‘upgrading’ with a file and their life is slightly prolonged:

So, I just wanted to ask - is this a design flaw or is it intended?

I don’t think so, because there is a difference between front and rear caliper:
The front caliper lever does not touch the subpart #1 (tried on loose calipers without rotor).

You are showing the rear caliper - is that correct?

Are you searching for brake pads?

Yes, this is the rear caliper. I thought that they are identical :blush:

Not yet - current pads will work a bit more =)

Maybe I should have posted this to ‘riders reports’ section.

I think they ARE identical, in technical sight!

The calipers are built in mirror symmetry, there is a “left” and a “right” one.

I really cannot understand why that has effect to the function. :confused:

But there IS a difference.

Tried today two caliper pairs - only the rear caliper levers touched the caliper bodies. :question:

To the pads:
Assuming that the identification Hayes MX2/MX3 is correct - there should exist different types of pads : semi-metallic, sinter and kevlar.


I think it might be worth a try to test these types.
(And to figure out which type is originally used.)

OK =)

left to right:
strida original
clarks MX2 organic pad
EBC MX2/MX3/sole sintered pad
hayes sole original pad
(I don’t have any semi-metallic pads)

Strida pad looks like organic.

To the caliper - the problem with the rear caliper was/is that it is not centered - outer pad was almost worn out, but the inner pad still had much meat on it. Guess I will have to chop some metal from the frame to adjust it.

Many thanks,

Please be careful, wouldn’t it be better to change the pads?

You seem to be a “high-miler”, which I am definitely not, maybe the inner and outer pads should be changed against each other from time to time?

Please don’t go chopping some metal on the brakes because it’s in the way just to save like $10 of brake pads at most. Because that piece of metal is there to prevent the brake cable from flexing too much when you pull and release. With that piece of metal gone it will be bent at a greater angle every time you brake and eventually it will snap on you when you really need it!! :open_mouth:

every part on the strida was designed with a purpose I don’t think they went through 5 generations of changes to only keep that one part to make you buy new pads earlier.

This is a possible solution, but switching pads requires removing/installing caliper or the rear wheel, which is inconvenient.

Hmm. Possible. But why is it done so on the rear caliper only?

Not sure if it is still actual but making lever go further than it suppoed to WILL result in brake caliper failure. Inside a caliper there is a piston. Piston is made out of two cylinders, one is has a notch preventing it prom turning, other turns freely. Between cylinders there are 3 metal balls that gave grooves that they sit in.Grooves have dynamic depth. When lever is pulled the turning cylinder spins and balls are pushed out of deeper grooves and made to go up to less deeper part of a groove. That pushes the piston that pushes the prake pad. If cylinder is turned too much balls fall out of their groves and braking mechanism fails. To repair it you have to take caliper apart and lace balls back to their grooves.

Hi, I have problem brake disc touching the caliper brake. Refubrished Strida and chagned all washers and brake discs follows the official plan.

pardon me, but that image is a little bit small and dark…

I guess you missed to install two washers;
between each one which is in direct contact with the caliper (that convex - concave connection)
and the frame lugs
there has to be another, flat washer.

Hint: At the original drawing / detail 240-04 you can see four times part nr. 7

  • even if just two pairs of the parts are identical!
    Sadly not good visible on that image below, please disregard the blue arrow:

Thank you very much for reminding - that is misleading issue nr. 3 at the manual!

Impossible to verify at your image; it needs to be bigger, brighter and a little bit more to the right to see that.

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Hi Damian, I hope this photo helps, on a front caliper the bolt and washer should fit like this. The thick washer with the curve in it matches the curve on the caliper, this helps align the caliper to the plane of the brake disk when tightened. The small silver washer fits under the bolt head.

Cheers, Bill

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Obviously he has older bolts, these are domed at the underside - same as on the caliper.
In this special case, the washer has to be mounted between frame and the 2nd conical washer.

It seems you mounted the upper conical washer (below the bolt’s head) vice-versa.

I see that silver washer in my Strda Evo3 … that white Strida never had extra sasher… I will find any in my parts cupboard and check. :slight_smile:

The screw is not flat as on the pic made by Bill… I need check in old parts what I got maybe old screws where flat (they been replaced on new - screws and washers).

That’s what I meant above.

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