The 3-speed Strida

Thanks for the photos! I wonder how expensive it’s going to be.

The gear ratios of the EVO are:

Low gear: 78,7 %
Middle: 100 % (Direct drive)
High gear: 125,7 %

Ming cycle does NOT recommend to assemble ATS speed drive and/or the EVO gearing system by riders themselves, so the EVO gearing system (included bottom bracket and tube) will NOT be available as a (single) spare part!

Many thanks to Sara!

credit : AIMBIKE … 251&type=3

that’s a good gear range for climbing and speed and using the original gear ring with 18" wheels the gear inches would be: 47", 60" and 75"
not bad at all.

Booo! too bad they will not sell it even as a whole part with the BB attached to the bottom tube. Oh well I will keep the single speed and look for another bike if I need gears one day.

I know most of the strida users on this forum like to tinker with more complicated things anyways.

Hello Guest, many thanks for the pics! :smiley:

From the Strida news page:

Strida EVO at Bike Europe:

New pics of the EVO, found at:

Taiwan Strida forum

Picture links from facebook:!/bigwheelbike



Strange how they’ve reinforced the tube and stem weld… I wonder why?

With that widened weld, won’t it be uncomfortable to grip the stem while folded? I find it easiest to grip at the wider part of the stem to avoid grabbing the brake cables or the handlebar locking lever.

I don’t get it.

Triangle Man

The reinforcements are a prostration for the EN test procedure!

[url]MAS two speed reviewed]

[url]Strida SX, 2010 model versus a 2011]

First pricing information found at Strida Club Thailand:

Thank you letitbe1503!

Hmmm at that price it’s around 1180 USD.

I see that as the end of the two speed strida model which they have been selling at 1300+!!

anyone would rather pay for the 3 speed over the two speed when it costs less and probably around the same weight also. It won’t replace the 1 speed because of the price difference and for the weight conscious people that love the simplicity of a single speed.

Please not that’s the Taiwan price, I think it cannot be calculated that way.
I mean more important is the info “two LT”.
The usual European price for the LT is around 600 Euros, which means the 3speed might cost around 1200 Euros = 1580 US$!

Wow Strida’s are not cheap there! = $780 CDN!?!

A brand new LT in Canada is $670 CDN or around the same USD.

So at most around $1300-1400 price is still the same as a duo. There must be alot of tariffs to make the strida that expensive in europe!

Also another weird thing I noticed, the distributor in Ontario Canada and the us Areaware seems to be sold out of stridas, all models!? Yet in my entire life riding my strida I have only seen 1 owner on the road?!!

Yes Edd, you’re right, the European prices are heavy!

Some more examples:

Strida Netherlands

MAS 898,- € = 1187 US$
SX 678,- € = 896 US$

Strida France

LT 639,- € = 844 US$
Duo SX 1263,- € = 1669 US$ :open_mouth:
(Kickstand, travel bag and mudguards included)
Duo 999,- € = 1320 US$

Strida Suisse

LT 749,- CHF = 624 € = 824 US$
SD 1249,- CHF = 1040 € = 1375 US$

Indeed weird, but USA is a very big country…

I’m looking for Stridas over three years in Vienna and I am every day on road here for working;
never a Strida was seen!

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Here is another source for pricing: … tor/013058

According to this article, LT: 499 €, Evo: 899 €.

I guess you meant LT: £499 , Evo: £899 :wink:

In Belgium, the dealer where I bought my LT has following prices:
LT: 578 €, SX: 678 €, MAS: 799 € (

I am curious to see their future price for the EVO…

Definately going to buy this when it’s available.
Question is how much I will ask for my 1 year old Strida SX.

Russian company offers EVO test rides! Google automatic translation English

Thanks one_half_3544!

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