Strida SX, 2010 model versus a 2011

Strida SX, 2010 model versus a 2011

Trying to understand the differences between a 2010 SX model I can buy 2nd hand versus a 2011 model. Buying in the UK if that makes a difference to the specification. Can anyone tell me what I would miss out on by taking the 2010 model ?

Also do all UK SX models from at least 2010 onwards have the longer reach handlebars for a bigger rider ?

Hello rsjackson,

there are several big technical and optical differencies between 2010 and 2011 Strida SX:
The changes (reinforcements) were made to pass the EN testing.

2010 (and older):


For example the bottom bracket:

2010 (and older):


Please read more here:

According to here:

the Strida SX is usually NOT equipped with bended steering.

But there might be limited editions WITH bended steering:

Interestingly this bike is a 2010 version? :unamused:

Please note: Some of the Stridas, to be seen here in the forum, are actually not fully correct labeled :blush:

Thanks for your fullsome reply, absorbing it now,

so where you said

"there are any big technical and optical differencies "

should this read ?

there are many big technical and optical differencies

there aren’t any big technical and optical differencies

Do you believe the 2011 to be a better stronger model then as result of meeting the EU regs ?

Sorry for the bad English, I’ve edited that.

Personally I do not believe that the inforcements are (were) needed.
It seems that Ming wanted to pass the EN test, regardless of costs.

Additionally I should mention here that I’m a terrible perfectionist (regarding technical details, not foreign languages) - this might relativize the “big” optical difference.
(The steering tube looks like patchwork :confused: )

Dear all, how do you feel about the EN test?


they did throw alot more reinforcement in the steering tube, which is funny because no ones ever reported the steering tubes welding ever failing. You can’t really stand up and mash on the handle bars with a strida anyways but it looks like it alone can support 200lbs!