The 3-speed Strida

Here is a photo of the bottom bracket of the 3-speed Strida taken at the Taipei Cycle Show 2011 :wink:

NOW we are talking :smiley:

but after trying a 2 speed I still like the simplicity of single speed

The bottom bracket looks huge so it doesn’t look like a direct retrofit. BUT we can probably buy a new bottom tube and that as a set, now we’ll just have to wait to see if ming would offer it. They did say before they would not be offering the LT wheels separately and we where able to buy them afterwards. I can only hope since this would actually stop me from spending on the schlumpf if it’s the same price for one more gear.

It is a kick-back shift bottom bracket which has 3 gears that you have to back pedal 60° in order to shift between gears.
The gear-shifting pattern is like this: 1→2→3→1→2→3…

The problem with 2 speeds is that one is too low and the other too high, so you end up missing the original gearing (in the middle).

Judging from the fact it took ages for Strida come with SpeedDrive, it will take years to get it released to market, or it will never be released…

But it is indeed interesting to learn the “kick-back shift” :slight_smile:

Seems like strida updates are moving like bromptons, Small changes of refinement as time goes on instead of drastic changes that dahon’s go through. But with that as a benefit you know you will be able to find spare parts for many years because of this. While some folding bike manufacturers you are out of luck after 1-2 years max.

A rumor coming out from Taipei stated that the BB would go under a year-long testing, therefore the bike might be released in 2012.

Given that Sturmey Archer moved to Taiwan, do you think the internals are Sturmey design? It wouldn’t make sense for Ming to try and design an epicyclic gear from scratch. Plus Sturmey came out with an innovative 2 speed kickback hub last year, now in full production.
Also Amuro, for us April latecomers, your “bandwidth with Photobucket is exceeded”, so we can’t see that interesting photograph. Do you have any others?


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When I visited, I saw following information :slight_smile: :

STRiDA 3 speeds is coming soon! What is the best new name for it?
STRiDA S3 ( Sport Trio )

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Many thanks, dear Genuine_S :smiley:

Screenshot 1024 x 768

Awesome news! But what’s up with this new product name capitalization: STRiDA?

Maybe it will be called Strio or S3da :smiley:


The latest photo! :sunglasses:

More than 10.000 votes! :sunglasses:


In the 2nd questionaire for your favorite color…, I have noticed that it is named as “STRiDA EVO”.

I am wondering if this is just because the name got most votes in the 1st questionnaire or beause Ming Cycle made up their mind or both…

All those EVO and 3S and 3D sound too geekly/smartphonish to me… I guess Strida deserves something more zen-like :slight_smile: On a bit more serious note, I like the simplicity of the singlespeed Strida. My 18" SX climbs uphill pretty well and on plains, where I’d pull a higher gear if I had one, it just promotes maintaining a higher cadence, about 90-100 rpm, which is a good thing anyway – why would I need all these overcomplicated/overpriced multispeeds? Who else thought about fixed gear conversion?? :laughing: