The 3-speed Strida

Sara of Ming cycle told us kindly at the last Eurobike:

The reason for the use of the plastic double clamp is the bigger weight of the new bottom tube (due to the weight of the gear box).
Irrelevant for storing, very important for transporting (pushing “her” forwards in folded status), the plastic clamp is much more safe than the old fashioned locking method.
The EVO still can be folded as usual, but the heavy bottom tube might unlock self-acting and, in worst case, destroy/damage the plastic beltwheel.

And btw, this clamp is not really new, it is in use for the Strida mini too:
(Picture date 16. 03. 2008)

Here’s an up-to-date pic of Strida France:

The mentioned reinforcement is also a part of the EN compliant (new) frame version,
more about the EN testing you can find already here:

[url]MAS two speed reviewed]

[url]Strida SX, 2010 model versus a 2011]

Of course you’re right Bill :smiley:

Thanks for your EVO pics, these are my favourites: