Strida for someone tall

I am 6’5’’ (195 cm) and am looking for a Strida XT. I tried ordering a Strida with the extended handlebars but it is still too small. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

My Son is 6’5" and is OK on Strida with 18" wheels and extended handlebars [Bended (sic) bars] (both of which seem to add extra knee room). He had the seat right up, and also adjusted about 1" back on the plastic mounting.
He can also rode this bike without the extended handlebars - perfectly OK, once he accepted the upright riding position, with close bars.
There was something about this on the tips page on the US site (based on the smaller Strida 3) :

Mike, thanks for the encouragement and I am delighted that your son could make the Strida work for him. I also attacked the problem with the same positive attitude, moving the seat up and back, assembling the bent handlebars and the 18" wheels. After all that, I was forced to accept the obvious - it just don’t fit me (or maybe I just don’t fit it). So I have had to disassemble the bike and put it back in the box to be shipped to the vender. But I haven’t given up yet, I have “We shall overcome” running through my brain and the internet at my fingertips. How can I possibly fail to find a solution!

You can get 1" extra knee room by doing this. :wink:

Lofty, can you clarify why the Strida doesn’t fit you? Is the only issue the knee-handlebar clearance?
By the way, I am not sure I understand why 18" wheels would improve the situation.

A negative effect of these 18" wheels is that it reduces the clearance between the feet and the front wheel by 1", assuming tall people have long feet which can possibly interfere with the front wheel:

Great picture, Taipei 101 in the background!

two part question, do the bent handle bars actually make a difference? if you change them, do you also have to change the brake cables? the cable looks fitted with little slack to extend with the bent bars. i’ve seen european kits that sell the bars with cables and in the US they sell the bars by themselves.

I changed the bars some months ago. Yes, they make a big difference. The kit included extensions for the sleeves and new cables. They are necessary.

The bars do not only increase the distance between the saddle and the grips, the make the handle bar wider, too.

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Partially answers to your question might be here:
[url]My New Strida Mini - #4 by Blackstridaaustria]

And, assuredly, there are different sorts of the bended steering set on the markets.
My two “european” versions came complete with grips, brake levers and the set for elongating of the brake cables, like seen at vanmoof:

My third, “american” version came without grips, brake levers and the bar-end plugs, but it DOES contain the elongating set.

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I’m 6’ tall, and would love to get some more extension. In lieu of a new seat mast/extensible post, this seems to be a great solution to get another inch. Any feedback on longevity or problems with tapping out the bottom bracket?

Ideally, I think the Strida should have more of an Electra type positioning, i.e. a new “Tall Seat Mast” with a LOT more set back built in, or as has been discussed, an option for a standard seat post. One of the problems I have is with the seat set high enough, I have to tippy-toed to stand up. With a more set back position (and thus a feet forward pedaling position) I should be able to stand more easily while seated on the bike.