My New Strida Mini

Hi Rapunzel,

did you notice the saddle itself is a few cm’s adjustable by opening the saddle bolt and pushing (strongly) the rails of the saddle forwards? As seen on the first pic of your “snow-white princess” the space between saddle and saddle tube seems to be much bigger than here:

Just like you, I had in the beginning also big trouble with the size of my body - I am nearby 1,9 m.
In my case the problem was the steering, knocking my knees against the handlebar ends (or my thumbs sometimes) was not really funny.
So the small handlebars were changed promptly to the bended steering/bend steer kit:

Besides more broadness, the bended steering relocates the gravity point of the body forwards, adding more pressure to the front wheel, and I am sure this effect works regardless of the Stridanaut’s size!
Maybe this part helps you out?
The attached picture shows the dimensions:

Please note: caused by the viewing angle and the position of the short steering tubes (laying below/behind the reversed Strida with mounted bend steering), the distance A (centre of tube) looks longer than it actually is - around 5 cm.

W. w. r.