18" Wheel Upgrade: not that easy...

[url]Strida for someone tall]
Guess you meant Amuro’s post above?
Good idea by Human Amp, but there might be a disadvantage, maybe a special problem which could be different from Strida to Strida. :exclamation:

Here we have the, let’s say, “down” side of the crank hub,
the thread of the kickstand/belt tension bolt is visible shifted to the right.

and here the “up” side:

Clearly visible, here is a second thread.
But the positions of the threads (around the circumference) are not exactly vis-a-vis (180°).
The angle between the two threads is in fact about 120° (or 240°- your choice :slight_smile:).

What does that mean?

First: PLEASE BE WARNED: The, originally supplied, longer kickstand/belt tension bolt might be too long - please beware of damaging the crank shaft!
This might also apply by using the normal, shorter belt tension bolt without kickstand!

Second: Due to the different angle of the thread, the kickstand becomes a different angle to the frame and - might collide with mudguard and tyre :confused:

For this reason I reversed the modification.
Pic above arranged for explanation.