SRAM Automatix suitable for Strida ?

Has anyone looked at fitting one of these to a Strida ?

I have a 3.3 so I guess it would be complicated further by the hub brakes… :frowning:



Hello Gavin,

of course wanted many Strida users to mount a gear hub…and of course, nobody was successful.

Multi-speed modification on Strida

multi speed rohloff

My Strida Wish

I guess you’ve overlooked an important technical detail which is common for nearby all gear hubs - they are intended to be mounted on both sides of the hub, not single-side mounted like the Strida hubs.
SRAM Automatix, Shimano Alfine, Nexus, i-motion, Rohloff, NuVinci 360, Sturmey-Archer gear hubs…all these cannot be mounted on only one side of the axle.
By now, I believe we’ve found just one exception, fwd-bwd posted the SRAM i-9 single sided gear hub already here:
SRAM gear hub for mono-fork

Btw, we’ve asked Cannondale at his booth on the Eurobike 2012 about this gear hub and were been told that it is not in production.

This will apply to all gear hubs on the market, I’m afraid of…

Thanks for the reply - still learning about bikes from a technical perspective so apologies for missing the obvious! I guess saving up for an Evo is the best option…

Gladly…and I think there is no need to apologize,
I mean we’ve met here to support each other :smiley: