Multi-speed modification on Strida

Someone in Japan has modified his Strida’s handle bars and change the bike from single-speed to 5-speed by inserting the Miyata FM-5 into the original crankset.

Here is the video:

Miyata FM-5

Photos source:

How could someone in the US get one of those, if they wanted to do a mod on their Strida?

If this were available for production - Ming would need to put a hold on the shlumph :smiley:

And what about the new “Truvativ Hammer Schmidt” from SRAM?

thanks, such is interesting. Are the market big enough for Strida to
decide on making one with it?

The FM-5, of which the gear ratios are 1.00, 1.31, 1.59, 1.91 and 2.21, was a product of 20+ years ago by Shimano. The production of Miyata bikes only lasted for a short period in the 80s in Japan so used bikes are difficult to find now. The Japanese guy probably removed the FM-5 from an old Miyata bike and installed it on his Strida.

Original Miyata bikes with Shimano FM-5:
Strida with FM-5 mod

Repair an old FM-5 (3.6kg!)

The Bridgestone F4 was also a product in the 80s in Japan using similar crank gears which provides 4 gear ratios of 1.00, 1.61, 1.79, and 2.00. Compared with the Miyata bikes, used Bridgestone F4 bikes are easier to be found in Japan nowadays.

Original Bridgestone bikes with Bridgestone F4:

Super modified! F4 mounted four-speed mini HandyBike!

Thanks to fwd-bwd for providing the above information on the forum of Taiwan Strida user Group. :slight_smile:

I noticed that one of the mods on this Multi-speed modded Strida is a seat adapter?

I was wondering if anyone know what the name of the saddle adapter “extender” is called and if they have a url or something.

The pics at the end of this thread uses two of them I think. … eed-strida