My Strida Wish

My dream Strida would have a NuVinci N360 / Harmony or CVT Technology on the front pulley and 18" Wheel set.

I just hope Ming or ATS could also come up with a CVT system similar to that of Fallbrooks.

Or something like that?

Yes Tom something like that

NuVinci in cycling is made into a rear hub though. I hope they’d make a Pinion version of that technology since that would be too big for a rear hub in a Strida. So our hopes would rest on a similar technology like EVO KS-3 that is mounted on the bottom bracket but having the CVT technology. … ansmission

Would you mind the extra weight of these hub gears ?

There is also a second disadvantage besides the extra weight of the bottom bracket;
usually these drives are operated via a Bowden cable.
If the drive is mounted in the bottom bracket instead of the rear hub, the cable has to go around two corners.
(The upper and and the rear corners of our triangles.)
It would not possible to use the front corner without a separable cable and a folding disadvantage…

The preferable drive technique will be this, I mean:

[url=SRAM gear hub for mono-fork]

Yes even the NuVinci has this sort of volume knob to control the gear ratio.

The solution is to make the drive fully automatic (autoshift) the gear would just have to adjust depending on the load on the cranks. Like when idle it’s set to the lowest gear and as you accelerate it will automatically adjust the gear ratio. On inclines the drive will sense that it needs a lower gear ratio and adjusts accordingly.

I just wished I studied mechanical engineering. :smiley:

Dear, I found that I have same wish as you. And I’m seeking solution to achieve it.

I am thinking of a combination - Full Auto Transmission with RF-based Controller:

  1. RF-connected switch and display [Control and monitoring Group]
  2. Crank torque detector, Accelerometer of bike [Bike running Status Sensor Group]
  3. Controller with actuator, to analysis the input from “1” and “2” and translates into setpoint of gears
  4. NuVinci N360 or gear hub

but i wounder if such system will result in a over-weighted bike for carrying in metro…
a naked Strida weight about 12Kg, a N360 is 2.5kg. I estimate the additional gears required for to modify the N360 to the bottom bracket is 2~5kg, and the controller may weight 1kg or more… and some stuff… the bike may weight 20kg in result…

Also, I am poor at Electronic component, I needed to found a friend familiar with E. Engineering to create the control box…

a relatively small problem, I wonder if i could find the transmission belt of Strida in difference length(i.e. shorter) ? May be the modification could make the strida even more compact…