multi speed rohloff

Hallo, i am Rob, (the netherlands) and bought my S 5.0 yesterday. Am very happy with the bike and nou i wonder if anyone has ever tried to build a rohloff speedhub into a strida. Must be possible i think. It will offer you a stunning 14 speed gearbox…

and yes, i do realize that there must be some mods done to the rear wheel mounting :wink:

Hi Rob,

Actually, it is very difficult to install a Rohloff hub on the single-sided rear wheel mounting of Strida

although there are Rohloff hubs for belt drive.

Installing crank gears on Strida is much easier.
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However, I think it is still possible to install hub gears on Strida. Here is a solution of fitting a rear hub gear to Strida proposed by Mark Sanders :wink:


Maybe one day i try to find an old second hand Strida and will try to convert it into a multi.
greetz RoB