Quick Release Seat Molding ST-QRS-001

Dear Users,
the Strida quick release saddle adjustment system is available as a spare-part in Europe by now.

Thanks to fwd-bwd for posting information about this part here:
[url]Strida 2010 tidbits - #7 by fwd-bwd]

For 49 € you will get this:

here are better pics + a scan of the manual:

Mounting this seat molding is very easy, step-by-step pics are included in the manual.
Owning two Stridas, which are mostly ridden by myself, but sometimes by up to 5 persons of different body heights (not at the same time :laughing: ), the QRS is very useful to me.

Original Strida seat molding (including three M6x30mm bolts and one nut M6) ~410 g
Strida quick release seat molding (complete as shown above) ~600 g

They do not show it in the webshop, you will have to ask for it at:


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black anodized QRS locking lever :smiley:

Thanks for posting these! blackstridaaustria :smiley:
It seems that I have to push the local distributor here harder. :wink:

Thanks for posting these pictures, I can now work out how it works (or rather doesn’t work !).

I saw this at the bike show in Germany - BUT not very impressed !
It was not up to the same standard of design I’d expect from Strida.
They had 3 broken and only one working !

The main disappointment for me is it only has limited adjustment … only about 10 - 12cm. It does not adjust all the way up and down the ‘seat’ tube. I was hoping that it could be used to share my Strida with my wife, without having to unscrew the seat clamps (or move pins). But for major adjustments the whole seat thing still has to be removed to move the pins ! Such a PITA ! :imp:

It seems to work by slackening off the Quick releases, and then pulling out the aluminium red part, which should allow the seat to adjust up and down with the red bit staying fixed. In practice it is very difficult to use, the poor girl gave up trying to demonstrate it to me, but she let me have a go, and I found it just as bad.

The whole system sort of cantilevers off the red bit (in the picture) on just one of those pins used to align the regular Strida seat this seems to be the major flaw. The pins bend and break with this extra load, making the whole thing lock up.

I was very disappointed. NOT recommended :cry:

Hi StridaJohn,

I’m sorry to hear about your problem, maybe this limitation in adjusting (without any tools) is interesting to other users.

Referring to the manual page 3, upper right picture, at pre-assembly you have to choose between the upper and the lower position of the seat pin (using a 2mm Allen key), depending on rider height.

upper: 5’9" - 6’4" (1,75m - 1,93m)
lower: 4’9" - 5’9" (1,45m - 1,75m)

All 14 adjusting possibilities (teeth) are available in the lower variant only (!), the upper variant supports the use of max. 12 teeth, limited to the top by the rear brake wire.
One step (tooth to tooth) is approx. 11 mm long.

The seat pin is definitely NOT intended to hold any weight, this is the challenge of the two seat clamps, which MUST be tightened strongly, just like the “old” seat molding.
3 broken QRS out of 4 on a bikeshow doesn’t really make me wonder, hundreds of people fingering around, knowing nothing about the function of this part…

Might a solution, which uses only the 2 mm Allen key, be an acceptable compromise to completely “tool-less” function for you?
For this there is a possibility requiring only one hole in the seat molding and a modified seat pin, I think …(working on this)

My suggestion to StridaJohn: Buy your girl her own Strida, visit together some beautiful places, shoot some nice pics … and share them with us at Stridaforum!

Best regards

I know this is a super old thread.

But I was wondering if this is a worthwhile upgrade.

If you plan to share your Strida periodically with a person whose body length is similar, but not equal - then it can be very convenient.

If you want to share with a person of very different body length from yours it won’t be helpful.
In this case you have to relocate the seat pin anyway.

I’d say it can be worthwhile, but not for all riders.