quickly removable seat pin / QRS modification DIY

Hello Strida fans,

this modification is intended for people, who want to share their (ST-QRS-001 equipped) Strida temporarily with another person of greatly different body height.
A body height of 1,45 - 1,75m requires the lower position of the seat pin and a height of 1,75 - 1,93 m the higher position.

The changing of the seat pin to another (upper or lower) position requires usually the un- and remounting of the saddle, the carrier and the complete “quick” release seat molding. :unamused: :confused:

A new designed seat pin (containing a magnet), together with a few simple mods on the seat molding solve the problem… :smiley:
The material costs are below 1 €, most expensive part is the magnet (0,22 €/each).
Weight of magnet 0,32 g, magnetic force 350 g (~50 x weight of the seat pin), from here:

The pins:

Required mod on the seat molding (wood drill, low rpm):

Required mod on the QR locking mount (metal drills in 1 mm steps, mid rpm):

Function of the helping “tool” (plastic roll):

The “tool” and the small parts:

Design drawing, material: free cutting steel - every lathe operator will know what’s that :wink:

Strongly recommended: The use of anti-seizing compound and torque allen screw driver.


Function video (44 sec. 2,6Mb):


More info about this topic to be found here:

Please note: There are no spare parts for the QRS system available.
Damaging one part means you have to buy a complete new QRS set!

More tricks gladly by request…
…better pics are here:


W. r.

Wow! It’s a great invention. :sunglasses:


Great solution! Thanks for sharing.

WoW that is an awesome piece of work - well done and thanks for Sharing. :smiley:
(Shame on Ming dor making such a stupid a limited height seat adjustment system in the 1st place !!! :unamused: )

Many thanks to all of you! :smiley:

…new QRS raw material arrived yesterday from vanmoof…

…on the way modding another real QUICK release system…

…durability report(s) will follow…

Beware of helmets :smiling_imp:

There is not that much to say - it works fine since over a year on both Stridas - mostly.

Sometimes, even equipped with the very strong magnet, it takes two or three attempts to pull the seat pin out.
(The hole in the seat molding must be aligned accurately to the seat pin.)
I’ve changed the pins maybe 50 times by now.

Sadly, it is not possible to convert a constructional fault into an ingenious concept…

Actually, I’m still thinking about a fully adjustable, foldable saddle mount solution, function like the fictive version shown below:

What do you think about that, might that be useful?


That would be for sure an interesting feature: I always have my Strida in the trunk of my car lying against the rear seat backs, and I always struggle because it interferes with the luggage cover. So a lower folded Strida is a must for me!

Check out Mark Sanders solution - I guess Ming wanted to do their own thing. Maybe they had a million pins in stock :mrgreen:
picasaweb.google.com/1053980757 … 7903858962

Hm, nice video…but is anybody able to explain the function of the non-painted groove in the tube? :question:

Thanks for the post and info. Mine will likely stay on the top, but of all my bikes this would be one I’d be most likely to share, so making it easier to share given the chance will remove one excuse for being selfish with my bikes.

PS: What bull horn bar end grips are you using in those photos

I’m glad that you like the post :smiley:

Grips for bend stear kit

These are (older) versions of the Ergon GC2,

the newer GP2 are looking slightly different:

Ergon bike ergonomics