My EVO on it's way to Helsinki

Hello MarSal,

at Stridaforum!

Guess you figured out already that the saddle height is not fixed.
It was back then inconvenient to adjust, but at least since the QRS system this can be done relatively easy.

Quick Release Seat Molding ST-QRS-001

Regarding German main distributor:
Knowing them for several years now…they do prefer to talk to dealers only (as like several other German companies) and not to customers - that’s a money thing, you must understand that :unamused:
And regarding the location you mentioned:
Perhaps I’m wrong, but I believe that’s the same guys who claim officially at a German bike forum that a broken bolt means a total frame loss (not Strida, belongs to another brand!).
That’s telling enough about the technical ability (or willingness?) to perform repairs. :neutral_face:

Btw, Helsinki - Vienna are just 1650 km - instead of 1350 - that doesn’t matter and HERE you are very welcome for test rides with different 16"/18" wheels/tyres, drives and steering bars.

Interestingly, just a few days ago posted Mark Sanders at twitter this one :smiley:

Have a safe ride and much fun with your EVO,