!!NEW!! mk1 spareparts

Dear MK1 Collectors and fans!
i have a broken bottom steering and a lot of brand new spare parts from the 90ties to change!
so i’m not selling this items im only interessted in exchange!

this is my broken part that i essencial need to drive my mk1:

so take a look at my spareparts to exchange:

top ball joint very rare: NEW!

seat post: NEW!

wheels: NEW!

axles, break levers, drum break: NEW!

mudguards: NEW!

so please stay in contact if you owe my needed part and you are interessted in some of my parts
thank you

can you sell one of the mudguard to me? plx~
My email:squarebao@yahoo.com.hk :smiley:

Hi there

I don´t have any spare to exchange but… i need (badly) the top ball joint.
Do you sell it? Otherwise were can i find it (for strida 1)

dear all

i feel very sorry for any broken MK1 but i’m not interessted in selling my parts

many thanks

thanks rob

i have a new steerer

as soon a i have my strida on the road again i’ll post images

thanks for your help

restore of my mk1 has started please take a look on this topic:

maybe with some ideas



can you please sell me the top ball joint?
mail me at ricardo.baltazar@netcabo.pt


Hi… the top ball joint of my MK1 is definitely broken: any hint to get or fabricate a new one ? Lisa_France38

Hi, do you still have the top ball joint?
Or do you know where to find one?
Any help will be appreciated!

Can anyone sell me a top bracket (Bars to ball joint) for my Strida Mk1 - please, pretty please

I just posted a solution for your problem. Worth a try!

Hi, if anyone has pictures of the inside and outside of their stem/ball socket and also the seat mount then I would love to see them for proprietary 3d design exercise.

These parts would be perfect but sadly I can not see the parts inside totally and I know they are not exactly the same on both sides as well.

Many thanks community.