MK1 professional restore? (steering)

hello mk1 fans!

as some of you have seen my exchange topic

i’m now happy owner of a new bottom steerer

but to install is more difficult than i expected…

its an easy step in the explosion drawing:

but after removing the ball joint holder i realised that this two parts are glued together…

my first reaction was to give the connection an overnight bath in solvent
but no reaction - so i think its a 2component glue like epoxy…

maybe some of you have any experience with this part?
i know from chemical site that heat will destroy the epoxy but i’m afraid to destroy the laquer and the tempered aluminium pipe…

any ideas are welcome
many thanks

good fixation (with soft brackets)

and heat (quite a lot)

is the answer
i used leather gloves for welding to turn and remove but i needed a lot of force…

but its done! little scratches from the screwholes and turning… but not to bad…

good luck no demages at the laquer
soon more

i marked original position of steerer

nice! the new steerer seem to be an older version with threaded holes but - and this is a sign of good quality - with thread insert from steel (
but its a logic simplification in design terms to use screw nuts istead…

fix new steerer on same position

and finally glue again with epoxy the handlebar (after sanding and cleaning)

screws back in for right positioning

next step is to change all Bowden because they seem original and the cover is broken
specially the areas around the balljoint (and i like to have teflon bowden for better performance…)

to remove the old bowden connect some rope to find the way back with new one…

new and old bowden cables
how to do propper cabling take a look at the bible:

the original cabel had a extra hose around in the area of the ball joint
i used heat shrink tube to reinforce this area

front bowden cable in place with balljoint fixation
i changed left and right position - bikes from england have on right hand side the front brake lever - and all my bikes have left hand the front brake… its a safety decision

the ball in place with cable from back brake - here you see the reinforcement

and first view as an “A” since my tumble in january…

Very well done!

Many thanks for posting!

back to life! and i really enjoyed my first ride

i also added my “futur design” bell from amsterdam - i think it fits perfect to the design

there is just a final question about the age of this bike:
Amuro Lee research is the following: (thx for this very interesting topic)
“Bikes numbered 1 to 3000, where made by Remploy, in Glasgow, Scotland in 1987/88. These had good paint, but a heavy steel carrier” see topic:

but my bike is aquipped with this very heavy steel carrier but serialnumber is 7410?
maybe some of you know more about?

many thanks


you want to sell MK1 ? I Interesting to buy!


Looks great, just dug out my Mark1 needs a new frontwheel but seeing how yours has been recompleted, I’m determined to continue with this little project. Nice work.

Nice work !
Good to see the care and attention… well done :smiley: