Keep Strida Original - say NO to Fakes!


I’ve seen some bikes that looks like Strida that most likely are fakes on the Alibaba site.

The letter says it all !!
I would say that getting more people onto folding bikes , using multimodal transport, instead of stuck in cars, in traffic jams wasting own time, own resources and worlds resources … is the highest priority.
If they use fake bikes or ‘proper bikes’ is less important. Some say the more on bikes (fake of original) the better - its more publicity for the originals.

But it should always be remembered that Fake makers are not trying to help anyone - they are just trying to make a quick profit, they do NOT care if the bike breaks … its not like fake watches, DVD or clothes - Fake Bikes KILL YOU !! They also can kill the very original they copy … I hope they have not killed the A-Bike.

This appears to be a mixed message. You say it’s important to get more people onto folding bikes but less important whether they choose a fake folding bike that can kill them? How is the prospect of injury or possible death from fake folders going increase the numbers of folding bike riders? Wouldn’t that just kill them off?

Im concious that some people just cannot afford expensive bikes, their choice is either second hand, fakes or cheap brands.

OK saying fakes will kill you may be an extreme :smiley:

My friend said that his wife will kill him if she knows the actual prices of the bikes which he had bought. :laughing:

But if he had bought one of the fakes she had roasted him slowly over open fire. :slight_smile: One could pretend one won it over a bet on who had the nicest wife?

i wouldnt like to ride a fake strida…

if my strida fell to bits while riding it could be a rather painful experience!!!

I’m just concious that Mark mentioned other folding bikes and their designers in his letter. However, the designers of Birdy, Markus Riese and Heiko Müller were omitted although Birdys are made by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan which is owned by George Lin :stuck_out_tongue:

There is an ongoing thread at under “Folding Bikes”.
Here is one response I made there:

I doubt Mr. Sanders “is solely motivated by the fulfillment of his identity as an inventor” nor did I say that I think so. He doesn’t sound like that kind of egotist if you listen to him. Quite the opposite, his motivation in a larger sense may stem from the fact that he appears to be a genuinely good individual who had the creative means within him to solve an observed problem, producing an innovative design that had not existed before and has benefited thousands of people. He has since moved on to other creative problem-solving efforts.

Contrast that to the anonymous person in China who, not inclined to make his own problem-solving effort, has decided to forego originality (assuming he even has the capacity for it), opted to copy Sander’s work instead, and present it as an equal product at a questionable, bargain-basement price. It is remarkable that he didn’t even come up with an original name but simply stripped out the letter “i” in Strida - you know, “i” as in “innovative” and “imaginative”. It’s missing. How appropriate!

Well said, Sir !! & thanks for the link … its stirred up a good, lively discussion

chainstrainer thanks for the bikeforums link and postings. Much appreciated.

Human Amp and Stridafan,

You’re welcome to join me in the affray over there. has a thread now on the fakes being seen on ebay and on second hand market.

How to spot a used one to not be a real Strida. look here

Here is something about the real costs of fakes …

Why say no to fake strida bike?

The bike is made for people to ride, if it is has the fuction, then it is good. Why must every body need to buy the original one? There are too many different kind comsumers, some need the affordable price, some maybe need the excellent quality, some may just need to have this deisign bike for collection. Thus, for comsumers sake, they need to make decision by themselves. Why say no to orignal one??

Hi Roselv,

what do you think of Mark Sanders’ views that started the thread?
And many other good arguments in this thread here and there are
plenty to consider also on the bikeforums net

I can see pro et cons on both side. I like Mark Sanders and want to
be loyal to his efforts to come up with an alternative to Brompton
and all the usual fold as low down below knee height style.

A tall stick has some advantages. But I like the collapse of A-bike
too and I even find K-bike style promising.

Integrated Folding might be the ultimate but prices still too high for me.

So sure I can see some merit in your views too but is it not very fair
towards those who have put many many hours of effort in coming up with
a design to get some pay back? I think Mark is worth that.

Still me would maybe buy a 100USD one if it was outside my door this morning.
I would feel ashamed and not tell here I guess. Would feel too guilty
of betrayal to the good cause. But the price they have now here locally
is twice what I am prepared to pay.

How come I do not see a lot of Stridas on Ebay anymore?

I mean there are only about 4??

And how come there are none of the fakes listed? Are they forbidden on Ebay? Geez, I hope so! Please someone tell me I’m not dreaming…

I guess ebay are now more careful with their VERO (anti-fake) policy… they have been successfully sued by several big clothing, and luggage brands.

I think its about time ebay do this and take a more hands-on approach to what goes on their site. Being sued proves they can on longer hide behind their … ‘hey, we are not responsible for what people sell on our site’ excuses. :exclamation:

On abikecentral if I remember correctly several have been refunded
when they got promised by the seller at Ebay that the bike was an original
and then it was a fake one.

So Ebay have hopefully learned from that. But more likely the suing has been
even more effective.