crackling noise repair kit instructions

Dear Strida fan,
this kit is intended for the creaking/crackling noise issue which appears mostly while pedaling under high load, caused by the sharp edge of the cup spring p. nr. 367 (363 + 367 for older 5.0 Strida).

Components of the Standard version:

  1. 363-x washer ~ 12 x 25 mm Ø, laser cut 1.4310 stainless spring steel of 0,2 mm thickness (as a
    replacement for the previous used part. nr. 363)
  2. 367-x modified Strida cup spring, edge rounded + polished (replacement for 367-3)
  3. 364-x washer M8, stainless steel (replacing low-q. original washer nr. 364)
  4. grinding tool, grain K 180 sandpaper on beech wood, 26 mm Ø (frame burr removal)
  5. glass ampulla, content ~ 1 ml “Never-Seez” (anti seizing compound, lubricant)
  6. drawings, data sheet NS, toothpicks

+ bolt version:
added ST-373 rear axle bolt for those who damaged it or don’t have Loctite thread lock

+ clip version:
Generally recommendable seems the use of the plastic frame clip (Strida p. nr. ST-4219) instead of securring the frame tubes by „crossing“ steering and bottom tube.

Please note:
“Never-Seez” is a crucial factor of the system’s function; the amount of ~ 1 ml should be enough for, at least, five times greasing. (It’s not really recommdable to buy a whole can of that stuff for your own; the used grade “pure nickel special” is actually expensive, ~ 50$ per can…and 1 lbs would last for one Strida for several hundred years…)

If you’re using a liquid thread locking compound like Loctite or similar (and not an original new bolt 373) it is implicitly necessary to wait a while – don’t move the rear joint for at least one hour.

So far, there is no detailed installation manual planned, I really hope the image series at Photobucket and the comments at page 2 will be helpful.

If you’re a member of you don’t need to type the link at page 2; it‘s of course also in your forum mailbox :wink:
Any question?
Please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Sincerely yours,

Besides the kit, you will need also:
• flat wrench 13 mm
• piece of cloth or paper towel
• teaspoon of alcohol for cleaning (don’t use acetone or nail polish remover!)
• 2-3 drops of oil

Image series 1200 x 900: … rary/cnrep

Image comments:
01 – 03: Remove bolt 373, washer 364 and cup spring(s) 367 (363)

04: Clean from old grease
CAUTION: Be aware of needle-like Aluminium chips!

05: Use the grinding tool to remove the burrs in the frame tube

06: Remove just the protruding burr, it’s not required to grind more

07: Clean again, a drop of oil should be helpful to pick up the grind dust first,

08: and then remove the rest with alcohol

09 - 10: Apply a small amount of Never-Seez on the frame tube

11: Put the thin stainless washer 363-x in place

12 - 13: Apply again Never-Seez

14: Next the cup spring 367-x (black side out, polished side towards tube)

15 – 16: A little bit of Never-Seez on the upper edge of the cup spring and

17: another bit NS on the outside of the washer 364-x

18 – 19: Don’t forget to use either a new bolt or thread locking compound (like Loctite)

20 – 21: Tighten bolt 373 to 18 – 20 Nm

22: Remove carefully the waste Never-Seez

23 - 24: part drawings

25 - : general view(s)

original .docx file dated 14.08.2014

Great detail and explanation BlackStridaAustria, and thank you for sending me your kit to test. My rear hinge joint has been quiet ever since.

Bill Wilby,

Thanks Bill, glad that it worked :smiley:

Important note:

This kit was named definitely not by accident - it means “crackling noise repair kit”
and not “worn out bottom tube hole fix”!

So, if your bottom tube is already worn out, meaning the hole for the rear axle stump is oval or much bigger than the stump, please do not think of using the kit above - that doesn’t make sense. :unamused:

Nice ! I have the same problem, and I should buy one of those kits !

Pm at your mailbox :slight_smile:

Suggestion: use a cable tie instead of the Strida clip to hold the bottom tube when folded.

I’ve not found the clip to be all that secure; the bottom tube tends to release itself at the most awkward possible moment, and the clip is always trying to escape when riding.

Instead, try putting a cable tie around the back tube just above the saddle mount in a big loop. The circumference on mine is about 12". You want to leave enough slack for it to easily slip over the top of the bottom tube in the folded position to secure it. When the front tube is folded up, it will press against the tie and make it snug. When the front tube is freed from the magnet to unfold the bike, it becomes easy to slip the loop over the top of the bottom tube so it can fold down.

The cable tie can’t fall off the bike, and the bottom tube will stay folded until you slip the loop up to release it.


Hi Batman,
many thanks for this worthwhile hint and welcome to Stridaforum :smiley:

How comes that you couldn’t find a clip; may I ask where you located?
If you’re from Europe I could send you a clip for test/comparison…



Hi Chris,

Sorry for the confusion - I said that poorly.

I still have my original clip, despite its best efforts to jump off and hide. I just wanted something that worked better for me, and cable ties seem to be it. I’ve heard that people use Velcro too, but I try to make that a last resort.

I’m in Florida, USA, but thanks for the kind offer.


Where can I purchase this kit in the US? I have this annoying noise as well, and it probably is the same issue.

Very easy:

The corresponding blog post will also meet your interest I’m pretty sure :wink:

Strida Bike’s Rear Hinge Explained