Oil/Lube points and products


i have an LT - about 2 years how. Over time I’ve had to WD40 (only because that’s all I have) to quiet down the joints - where the elbow is and the connector point to complete the bike. Eventually the bike starts to sound like an old, old wooden ship when I ride it. What lube/oil should I be using at those points?

Also, for a while now my pedals will move if I’m just walking my bike. I don’t remember that being the case when I bought it. I see on the manual to oil the brake pivot points but I can’t really tell where that is nor does it say what type of oil to use. Any insight on this or if it would even fix the rotating shin killing pedal problem?

Appreciate the help! I’d be lost without these forums!

Pretty good sound description; thank you very much :smiley:
Please jump here and listen; it’s the same noise, correct?

If yes - we have here another classical creaking noise issue…
(And you don’t need oil/lube below the cup spring 367, you need anti seizing compound.)

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I’d say that’s common, many Strida’s are doing that.
(Just checked at an EVO and wondered that it did not…)

Sorry, but I can’t verify that - would you please tell me where you found this?
And I’m afraid I don’t understand your last question…could you try different words?