Cracking noise

Hi, I’ve just noise and I can’t exactly catch from whre… I bid it is back wheel… removed wheel few times last month and still can’t see anything wrong! Video above…


Hi, I would check your snubber bearing, the little bearing that holds the belt in place under the freewheel.


:laughing: …another one…

Well, first you can check also these possible noise sources:

  • both 274 bolts, left and right of the locking latch are tight?
  • both bearings 100-03 and 100-04 are present and intact?
  • the belt is not too tight?

…but according to the sound you’re another victim of Ming cycles rear hinge botch as described already here:
Rear hinge – finally the sad truth
(I’m going to reply there with latest news asap.)

Plz tell me - the sound does appear mainly under higher load - as like while pedaling hard uphills?

Snubber bearning s new.

On the back all parts are new - excluding bearing wheels from inside the rim and bolt (473)

247 is fine, same with 130-00 (6) ring same is fine.
100-03 and 100-04? I’ve brand new Bottom bracket BB

I updated that bike with kickstand - it hadn’t kickstand from new. So belt tension is fine - because there is no space for more tension anyway - the bottom weld touch the metal part from kickstand.

Freewheel was replaced on new one is well…

Generally everything is brand new :smiley: excluding bearing wheels from rims, brake lever, chainwheel, handle bars, cranks and frame - off course.

I will look that another topic… tomorrow morning.


These are the two narrow ball bearings at the front end of the bottom tube.
(I believe it is advantageous to refer to part numbers instead of part names to avoid confusion.)

The silvery part below the black kickstand plate can be rotated for 180° - as it is asymmetric you can achieve several mm more space to tighten the belt - if necessary.

(Moreover that, there is still the opportunity to inverse the adjustment direction, if above does not solve the problem: How much play in Strida 5 belt? )

hello, can the crackling sound be caused by a cracked frame? I discovered a crack in the paint and I’m worried that sew is a crack in the frame tube. Is it possible to find out if it is too glassy without sanding the paint? Thanks for the tips.

Possibly (just I don’t think so).

Could you please post (or send me) some images?

please how should I attach the pictures?

That is not so easy within the forum.
Therefore I’ve sent you already my email via pm.

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Few days ago I got a second hand Strida. I’m impressed by the quality of the design. It makes noise from the rear hinge. I can see from the side that the cup spring is eating the frame. I will soon unscrew this part to see the damage. If too much damage I would like to know if this tube of the frame is available. My Strida is the first version with the connection to the bottom bracket made of aluminium with v shape. Thanks a lot for your answers.

Hello Pierre-Etienne,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

I do not think that single tubes are available, but feel free to ask directly at
But I also believe that an exchange of the bottom tube is not necessary in most cases, it should be possible to repair it, in worst case by exchanging the plastic insert 100-07 and installation of an „armour“ shim like shown below:

Unfortunately, the TriLock system is sold out right now, so I’d recommend to try first either my complete „brass“ system or a mix of it with some standard parts.

Kind regards,


Hello Chris,
Thank you for your answer. I’m glad to see that there are solutions. I will disassemble the part and let you know what I found under the screw.
Best regards.


Do you have a vernier caliper?
If yes, please measure the length of the axle’s protruding part (X):

Hello Chris,
I don’t have vernier calliper but I will disassemble the part (and also take a look at the tension of the belt that I think is to tight) during the weekend and try to find one to let you know. Thank you for your help !
Best regards,

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Hello @Pierre-Etienne ,

Nice to hear of You here.
As I read, the tri-lock system is out of stock, i’m about to come with an extremely cheap and practical solution in maybe a week from now.
A 12x2 mm aluminum tube has already arrived and I am about to collect my 2nd Strida, an LT, on Tuesday.
Busy until Wednesday. That‘s why I’ll need to find some time.
I will give an additional discussion of the Achilles-heel topic regardless of the comprehensive discussion given by @Blackstridaaustria already - hopefully, I’ll be able to add further insights.

A first thought: i consider it unlikely, that You will need a new tube. Most likely, You‘ll be able to repair eventual damage of the bottom tube.

regards: Klaus

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Hi Klaus,
naturally I’ve noticed that you’re really creative, also I have the suspect that you’re a skilled mechanic - so I’m very curious with what exactly you’ll come up :thinking:
Thanks and kind regards,

Chris do I understand that you think that the down frame tube should be replaced ?! Don’t you think that because of his long v shape the black washer can’t damage « a lot of tube ». I will probably understand how it works when I will be able to disassemble the part (I don’t have a torque wrench). Thanks a lot for your help !
Best regards,


Bonjour Pierre-Étienne,

Klaus and I do not believe that exchange is necessary.


Not necessary.

You’re welcome always :smiley:


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