18" tire options

So are we 18" wheel owners just screwed on tire options now that Schwable no longer makes the Marathon Plus in 18x1.35? Kojaks get ripped to shreds on my streets and I have read that that the Innovas are not much better. It seems I may now have a $750 bike sculpture.


Hi Tim,

I mean Kojak’s and Innova’s can’t be compared.
The Innova’s are very similar to Schwalbe, moreover that should a lot of Schwalbe’s be still in stock.
We’ve bought recently a few pairs for the half price…
Unfortunately would shipping to you be more expensive than one tyre :confused:

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I read that the Innovas were flimsier and the sidewalls thinner than the Marathon plus. Its the sidewall that keep getting cut and punctured on my Kojaks. Just regular riding on normal streets…

On the sidewalls is strange…
But you’re right of course, none of all this tyres does have any sidewall protection.
Would a change to 16 inch wheels be acceptable for you?
There’s still much more tyre choice…

I just hate to spend even more money on a $750 bike…I may just sell it…to much trouble…

Sorry to hear that…hope you didn’t trust Ming’s advertising myths (no maintenance…)

But I guess there’s no bike on the market without more or less issues.

To avoid flats generally:
[url]Anyone using solid tires? - #6 by Blackstridaaustria]
Maybe these are already available in 18 inch, too.

Quick question, will 18 x 1.5 marathon racers fit an EVO?

I saw a while ago a 1,5 inch Marathon on a Strida - it’s possible, but the tyre was gently touching the frame.
Not recommendable…

darn, I found a NOS pair for not much money.

so it looks like innovas or kojaks or bust for the EVO huh? Not bad, just wondering, such a difficult tire to find in store or on the internet.

thanks for the advice.

Was the post signed tnycprime also from you?
I’m not sure due to a different IP, otherwise I’d assign it to your account.

May I ask why you didn’t like the Innova’s?

Edit: Forgot to add that you might also search at recumbent stores :wink:

yes, that was me, i forgot my password :sunglasses:

I havent tried the innovas yet, I just got this new EVO from BIll @ SCW and it came with Kojaks, which so far I like and have no problems with, although I know the day will come where I need spares and such.

Obviously they are two different tires, and I think the kojak might be best for NYC with all the street riding, I dont know if glass will be an issue yet. I saw the Marathon Racers and thought, heck if they price is right and they fit might be worth it.

I am looking for a local source for quick turnaround and thats a challenge. I know the day will come where I will get a flat and I’d like to have something on hand rather than wait. Of course price is always a factor too :slight_smile:

No prob, at least poster changing is very easy :smiley:

As mentioned before, we do have a few Marathon’s here and sending them to you or Bill would be possible…just the shipping from A to U.S. :unamused:

The now unavailable Marathon Plus is the correct size right? 18x1.35? I guess the only way to find those is a shop who has them and they are collecting dust. The innovas are pretty much the same tire as the marathon plus I am to believe. Is that so?

I think just finding an affordable source for the kojaks should be the ticket. If I find that they cant hold up to the NYC streets, I’ll switch but I am finding with my bikes combo of sprung saddle and solid high pressure kojacks makes for a pretty quick and comfortable ride.

Yes, you’re right!
Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348, size18 x 1,35 or ETRTO 35-355
(Kojak would be 32-355)

The last model year of this tyre was obviously 2013, you may also refer to the Schwalbe Part Nr. 114488.

So far it looks like this rarity is still available in Europe:
Just the cheapest local shop is out of stock…

I do have both tyres here and compared them…honestly, I can’t find that much difference, the rubber mixture might be variable and the profile is at the first look completely equal…there must be a pic somewhere in the forum, but I couldn’t find it quick…

Kojak’s are everywhere relatively expensive…(I believe…)

Edit: Out of curiosity, I took a look on the Austrian post calculator, Marathon’s and a scale…
Should be ~ 82 US$ shipped, incl. PP fee, for a pair (the long way - 10-15 days, no tracking).

Hope you can find a better offer locally :unamused:

Thanks BSA,

I will keep looking to get the best price, but I might come asking if not :slight_smile:

Gladly tnprime :smiley:

Surely I’d appreciate if you’d come back…equal if for this reason or another :wink:

Edit: Here the comparison pics Thicker 18" wheels for SX


hit some glass on the way home from the bakery this morning, and popped a flat, so I am out of commish and in the market.


Any chance to get (at least temporary) replacement by Kojaks locally?

I am going to try and patch for now, my internet searches on the Kojaks are slim to nothing in the US, or 52.00/ea on the Schwalbe NA site. There was a pair on ebay, but long gone.

Seems that price and availability for the Kojak is also much better in Europe:





All of those below ~ 34 $ :unamused:

But, did you see this:

Utah isn’t directly around the corner, but at least USA, no?

I’d also give it a try and ask them: