Anyone using solid tires?

I purchased a Strida recently and am having fun with it, with the exception of getting a flat tire after only a few hours of riding. Does anyone know of a solid or tubeless tire that will fit the bike? It seems like a good application for that type of technology and would avoid having patch kits, pumps, etc along to keep things simple.

Paul Bailey
Boulder, Colorado USA

I am not using solid tires (never looked for them). I think they would be a lot less comfortable.

But I am using Schwalbe Marathon Plus. This are tires with a strong puncture protection. It makes them an pain to assemble but I did not have any puncture in about 4000km. I just changed the tire of the rear wheel because the profile was to flat.

My recommendation:

For 16" wheels:

Schwalbe Marathon Racer 16" x 1,5 ETRTO 40-305

International Schwalbe Part Nr.: 11100296

For 18" wheels:

Schwalbe Marathon Plus 18" x 1,35 ETRTO 35-355

International Schwalbe Part Nr.: 11111348

Have a safe ride!

Here are comments by the late and legendary Sheldon Brown on solid tyres. :wink:

just installed schwalbe marathon racer on my strida sx instead of schwalbe kojak.
strida become more stable but speed is very poor.

“No Flat, No Tube, No Stress”

That’s the slogan of the Tannus tyre company:

Their tyres “Nymph” are made of some kind of foam, available in various sizes and the 16 x 1,25 version fits the Strida LT wheels.
13 different colors can be choosed, a few examples below:

As a first testing specimen, we’ve mounted Tannus tyres on a neon green Strida LT, it’s called the “Mamba”.
The “Mamba” is now located at Vienna’s first folding bike store das faltrad - test riders are welcome!

The black aluminium beltwheel is a product of Five Big Enterprise, Taiwan. :smiley:

My impressions:
Mounting of Tannus tyres is relatively easy, but a certain amount of hand force will be needed.
The required tool and two sets of tyre pins are supplied with each tyre.
For deinstallation of the original tyres and mounting of the Tannus tyres I needed 22 minutes.
I had just a short test ride, maybe 2 or 3 kms, and I mean these new tyres are doing their job very well.
Of course, it’s harder to pedal than before, I’d say that’s the price for the “no flat” function.
Customers should decide by themselves if they are willing to pay this price, anyway I’d recommend to give it a try.

Here’s the link to an installation video:

Many thanks to Genuine_S, the “Mamba” would not exist without his kind help!

I’m not surprised you’ve already been there and done that :slight_smile:

I came to check as I just ordered a pair of Tannus Thoroki 700x28c for my Van Nicholas Amazon Rohloff belt drive and was thinking if they work out, it will be the Strida Evo 3 next effectively locking it in as a lifetime bicycle.

The only other changes may be the Ergon GP bar end grips, and some day far far away, fitting a friction drive electric assist again, that would work well with the solid tyres.

If you want a lifetime bicycle (related to average human lifetime) you shouldn’t choose a Strida;
as we’ve learned in the past the Strida’s lifetime is limited by Ming cycle.
Because once there are spare parts not any longer available - I’d say the bike is dead…
And looking back I’d expect the EVO’s “death” for 2021 - 2023 :question: