Which Strida is it?

Hi to all, i´m a new forum-member, Clemens from Vienna!
And i have questions :smiley:
Which Strida is mine? I bought it yesterday in vienna, its in a good condition.
Is it a MK1?
Where was it built and when was it built?
Thanks for your help!!

Hi Clemens,

welcome at Stridaforum - I’m from Vienna, too :laughing:

Yours is a MK1 for sure, amazing that you found it here…

from here:
Old stuff about the past generations of Strida

These bikes are this year - at least - 25 years old :open_mouth:

I’m surely the last one who would want to moderate your enthusiasm…but I hope you did know that there are zero chances to get replacement parts for this ancient Strida type?

KInd regards,


many thanks for your answer chris. no, i didn´t know about the replacementparts-problem but i collect bicycles and i´m happy to have it…
Kind regards

Ah, I see, that’s great!
You must know; many new owners appear here wishing to repair and ride their bikes.
And mostly they’re disappointed in the end I believe.

Btw, there’s another MK1 fan in Vienna, he can be found also here at the forum:
MK1 professional restore? (steering)

And here’s the manual:

thanks a lot !!