A friend decided, he wants to transport his barbecue equipment with the Strida. So he got a trailer. It is a “Used Y-Frame Large” with a capacity of up to 90 kg.

Envy your friend. :wink:

We can’t use any trailer in Hong Kong because it is illegal here. :frowning:

Huh! I wonder if a trailer would be a solution for transporting kids with a Strida? My friends use them with their full-size bikes, but I thought a Strida wouldn’t work with those for some reason…

The most trailers attach to the left side of the bike. For the Strida you need one that can be attached to the right side.

From Russia with Love :smiley:
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Hello kolochkov,

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Wow, that’s a pretty nice trailer…
…and it seems the Co-pilot does like the ride very much :smiley:
The expression on her (his?) face is hilarious, just like a distinguished Lady (or Sir)… :laughing:

Thanks for posting, have a safe ride with your little sunshine!

Nice pictures indeed :smiley:

I would however recommend to replace the original bolt by a longer one as the aluminium hitch receiver seems to be thick (5mm?).

Hi Tom,
Cool project / photo! Does it bike well with that trailer?