tires bigger than 16x1.50 on Strida 5.0 ?

I replaced the stock 16x1.50 Kenda tires on my Strida 5.0 with 16x2.125 tires. I had to take the fenders off, but otherwise the tires fit fine.

However, the little magnet that is supposed to hold the wheels together when the bike is folded doesn’t reach far enough, so the wheels won’t stay together. This makes the folded bike flop, and makes it a little ungainly to handle when folded.

As a result, I’m going back to smaller tires, but I want to get the largest tires that still allow the bike to fold properly.

I have a couple of choices:

Schwalbe Marathon KevlarGuard 16x1.75 (47-305) (HS368) (45-70#) $35
Schwalbe Big Apple KevlarGuard 16x2.00 (50-305) (HS338) (30-70#) $39
Maxxis Hookworm 16x1.95 (50-305) (110#) $16

Does the Strida 5.0 still close properly with the Big Apple tires mounted? How about the 16x1.75 (50-305) tires?

Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.

Big Apple has been used on Strida. Do a search on this site or google it. You may have to stay in a right tire pressure range to keep it from rubbing the belt.

I have no doubt that “Big Apple” tires will fit on my Strida 5.0. What I’m looking for is a confirmation from someone here that when the Big Apples have been installed, the magnet will still hold the wheels together.

I’m hoping that someone who has done this before will confirm this before I spend the extra money on the Big Apples (not cheap).