16" custom wheels, radial 36 spoked

First of all, many thanks to of http://www.gum.hk/

18" Strida hubs from Hongkong, 16" 36H Alex rims, Schwalbe City Jet tyres 16" x 1,95,

72 pcs. 118 mm Sapim spokes (brought to length in Germany),

DirtyDog rotors via England, assembled in Austria - these wheels are an international cooperation :laughing:

original 16" wheel, 24 spokes, pattern one cross (1 x)

original 18" wheel, 36 spokes, pattern two cross (2 x)

custom 16" wheel, 36 spokes, pattern zero cross (0 x) :sunglasses:


Many thanks for inspiration to Genuine_S!

Pics of better quality are here:

Looks cool, but it is generally considered dangerous to mix radial spoking with brakes other than rim ones or with drive wheel. Do you think it will be ok?

And where have your ordered hubs? At gum.hk?

Of course you are right, one_half_3544!

I’ve asked a wheelbuilder and a bike mechanic, both meant this should be OK.

Regarding that the radial wheels have 50 % more spokes than normally, the increased flanges width (~ 5 mm for the front hub and ~ 8 mm for the back hub), and the minimal wheel size of 16" I hope there will be no stability problem.
These wheels are not intended for off-road, for off-road might be useful a half radial pattern or the crows foot:


Yes these rare parts are from Philip !

Vanmoof said they cannot be ordered :confused:

For completeness:
Wide tyres (above 1,5" width) will cause folding magnet trouble, solutions are already posted (i.e.) here:
[url]18" Wheel Upgrade: not that easy...]
[url]Make wheels further apart when folded (redux)]
[url]tires bigger than 16x1.50 on Strida 5.0 ?]

Here is another, simple method:
aluminium magnet spacer / distance roll

outer diameter spacer = diameter of inner bearing ring = ~ 16 mm
spacer length depends on used tyre (i.e. 21 mm for 1,95" tyre width)

different shape, equal function

Advantage: only two parts to change/add (bolt M6 x 40 mm and distance roll)
Disadvantage: ugly look


Size compare:

Cool, you really made it!

I am glad to somehow contribute a bit, and to see the photo :smiley: .