The 3-speed Strida

Pictures by a friend of Fatman (Hong Kong Strida Club member)!


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A picture from Strida Taiwan group on Facebook :sunglasses:

the frame paintjob looks really cool but alot of work probably costs more. But do you have any video of them riding it? and how they change gears? This looks like the strida 5 but with a different bottom tube but with a high tech bottom bracket.

I wonder in a year would they be kind enough to sell me the bottom tube with the bottom bracket direct from ming? :smiley: would be an awesome upgrade without having to buy another bike.

one can only dream!

Guess you’ve overlooked page 2 of this post?

This will be one of the next questions to Sara of Ming cycle… :smiling_imp:

Tooraks Marketing, our local distributor here in the Philippines (Manila) announced that the EVO will arrive in June. I was really thinking about an 18" wheeled Strida by Having an SD upgraded to 18" wheels but I’m worried that the gearing would be hard to pedal on the 2nd gear. So the wait begins. I’ll have to wait for reviews on this specially It comes with an 18" wheel set already The only upgrade to do is change to QRS seat molding.

One thing I don’t like is the new handle bar stem. Seems like there’s a reinforcement welding or something and the new crank arms means you cannot upgrade to the old allow chainwheel or you can buy the wheel only minus the crank arms.

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That’s the new EN test conformable frame, more details are here:

[url]Strida SX, 2010 model versus a 2011]
[url]MAS two speed reviewed]

(In my humble opinion, the EN test is nonsense…)

Hmmm, I don’t think so…

The beltwheel above is definitely not the plastic one… :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the photos! I wonder how expensive it’s going to be.

The gear ratios of the EVO are:

Low gear: 78,7 %
Middle: 100 % (Direct drive)
High gear: 125,7 %

Ming cycle does NOT recommend to assemble ATS speed drive and/or the EVO gearing system by riders themselves, so the EVO gearing system (included bottom bracket and tube) will NOT be available as a (single) spare part!

Many thanks to Sara!

credit : AIMBIKE … 251&type=3

that’s a good gear range for climbing and speed and using the original gear ring with 18" wheels the gear inches would be: 47", 60" and 75"
not bad at all.

Booo! too bad they will not sell it even as a whole part with the BB attached to the bottom tube. Oh well I will keep the single speed and look for another bike if I need gears one day.

I know most of the strida users on this forum like to tinker with more complicated things anyways.

Hello Guest, many thanks for the pics! :smiley:

From the Strida news page:

Strida EVO at Bike Europe:

New pics of the EVO, found at:

Taiwan Strida forum

Picture links from facebook:!/bigwheelbike



Strange how they’ve reinforced the tube and stem weld… I wonder why?

With that widened weld, won’t it be uncomfortable to grip the stem while folded? I find it easiest to grip at the wider part of the stem to avoid grabbing the brake cables or the handlebar locking lever.

I don’t get it.

Triangle Man

The reinforcements are a prostration for the EN test procedure!

[url]MAS two speed reviewed]

[url]Strida SX, 2010 model versus a 2011]

First pricing information found at Strida Club Thailand:

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Hmmm at that price it’s around 1180 USD.

I see that as the end of the two speed strida model which they have been selling at 1300+!!

anyone would rather pay for the 3 speed over the two speed when it costs less and probably around the same weight also. It won’t replace the 1 speed because of the price difference and for the weight conscious people that love the simplicity of a single speed.

Please not that’s the Taiwan price, I think it cannot be calculated that way.
I mean more important is the info “two LT”.
The usual European price for the LT is around 600 Euros, which means the 3speed might cost around 1200 Euros = 1580 US$!