Stridas in the snow

Can anyone who lives in a country that gets snow in the winter and has ridden their Strida on snow and/or ice please share their experiences?

In my part of Germany snow is not unusual, although it is usually only on the ground for a few days at a time. I am wondering about such possible issues as build-up of ice on the Kevlar belt, expansion/contraction, and whether corrosion due to road salt could be an issue.


The belt is kevlar reinforced which as a weird … inverse coefficient of thermal expansion !
ie it gets bigger in the cold !! so it may appear more loose than normal and if you are heavy you may get an odd tooth jump.

Its more the black ice I worry about … I hate falling off any bike !

i rode during colder months where some streets were salted (no snow, but just cold enough to possibly form black ice) and so i believe street salt MAY have (i’m speculative, because i’m not sure) gotten into my strida3’s hub brakes and possibly corroded them a bit…

i’m not entirely sure if it was the salt or not that affected my brakes, but this is what i think happened…tough to say because i’m not 100% sure.

So I got my first chance to try this last weekend. Based on my experience, Strida is fine on a thin layer of dry snow. In thicker, wetter stuff, forget it, take advantage of its folding capabilities and take a bus instead. :slight_smile:

As for the comment about salt and brake corrosion: is it OK to hose the Strida off in order to clean it? Or would a more subtle approach be better?

A cheap way to make snow tires for your bike is to coat a cheap set of tires with Shoe Goo and roll them in fine gravel. The gravel with wear off eventually, but it might get you by for a short winter…

Mates, I had a really bad experience with my bike in the snow… As they say apparently there is an inverse thermal expansion coefficient and finally the belt got stuck between disk-break and the rear wheel which finally spoiled the disk break.

Was it really due to the belt tension getting lower with the low temperature or was there also snow build-up on the freewheel or on the belt?

Personally, I don’t trust the poor grip of these small wheels in the snow.

I had the exact same thing happening! But disk should be fixable.

Apart from that I really have no trouble riding it in the snow even when it’s slippery.
Now driving with Schwalbe Marathon Plus, but even with the Koyak I thought it was doable.