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Wow, there’s a very big Strida community over there! It’s a shame my Chinese isn’t good enough to participate :blush: Do they know about our forum here?


I have posted the news of the launch of this forum on the Taiwan Strida User Group already. :smiley:
They have added the link of this forum on their website too. … id=2&lid=6

The Singapore homepage is the distributor’s and a sort of internet mall.
Thus I think they are not worldwide.

The unique English community is here. So we can make the Worldwide.
And I introduced StridaForum to Korean community too. :smiley:
※ That was the 34,952nd post in the community. :open_mouth:

Hi hi

I’m a Singaporean. :sunglasses:

Singapore is a multi-racial country. We have the best of the whole world (in langauge). We are able to communicate with people from the top 4 most populous countries in the world. Chinese, Indians, American(English) and Indonesian(malayu). English is our first language. It serves not only as a bridge but as well as a glue to the different races in Singapore. Been fluent in English helps us in linking with the world economy as it is the business language of world. You can hardly find any of the Singapore local forum in our mother tongue (native tongue) as it will not be possible or difficult to hold such forum due to the multi-racial culture here.

Welcome coolthought!


You are most welcome. :smiley:

Our local administrator put in quite a bit of effort when starting the forum. Even so, the forum did not really get going until more than a month later. Probably, due to the fact that not many people know of the Strida. They spent efforts and money to promote the Strida. Naturally, once more people know about it, more of them got hooked!! Functional, reasonable cost, very low maintenance, unique design, etc.

I have seen the gadget show on Youtube having the 2 hosts race each other on the London streets on 2 unique foldable bicycles. It is really well done. That should really get the public in UK really interested in the bicycle…or did they not?
In time to come, there will be a lot more hustle and bustle here.

I believe that joining a foreign forum will be able to give me a more rounded perspective on things. Different demography and geography of each countries will sometime gives a varying account of a smiliar topic.

Thanks to all the contributors so far, & to the admin’s for starting the forum(s) in the first place. It must indeed be a lot of work. Luckily I imagine everyone involved is enthusiastic, which helps :wink:

I suppose an advantage of participating in this forum is that Strida riders & potential riders can discuss topics which relate directly to these bikes, whereas bikeforum is a bit more general, & fewer people may be directly interested in Strida details there.

I suspect this forum may encourage more widespread contributions too. Bikeforum seems predominantly USA & UK participants, although of course many thousands of non-native English language people may read the posts there.

There is interest in the UK - we’re often asked by passers by “Where did you get those bikes, & how much?” but it’s hard to know if (m)any of those have actually bought Strida’s :slight_smile:

We took our Strida’s to France last year on holiday, & it seems nobody has ever seen a folder there, let alone a Strida :slight_smile: So maybe we can welcome some French Strida riders, along with other European Countries?

As you mentioned Coolthought, many nations speak several tongues, & of course worldwide communication is a problem without a single, common language.

Like Garry, I look at the Far Eastern sites, as they’re very interesting, but for me it’s the pictures & links as I too cannot understand any of the characters :frowning:

So thanks Amuro for all the effort you put into collecting & posting those links.

Russian Strida Club -
Wellcome all russian Strida owners! :slight_smile:

STRiDA Club Thailand … 3&t=418400

Even though, there are lots of strida forms, only two or three are able to access.

so, I mean, it’s hard to get some tips or techniques world wide…

@0330ssh: You’ve found us, what else do you need? :laughing: