Tent-bag for Strida

This video was uploaded by Binch Shin, a member of here.

Hey Binch, why didn’t you post this video here? It is a great idea and a well designed product! :sunglasses:

Thanks~ Amuro~ :smiley:

The bag must be very useful and a good design, of TNT.
But it is only available for Korean members now… and maybe for a long time from now…

I didn’t hope to make you feel jealousy… hehe… :stuck_out_tongue:

No more jealousy now. :mrgreen:

I want one! :exclamation:

where can I buy this bag?

Pumu from Germany

Hello PUMU!

TNT, the creator of this bag, is a member of the Korean Strida Club.

Strida Worldwide Forums

According to the English parts of this post at the Hong Kong Strida Club forum,
(Registration and login required)

the group ordering of the bags has ended ~ 2 years ago.

Possibly these bags were never available outside of HK and Korea…

I mean would be possible to ask at the HK or Korean forums directly, and/or the members above.

The faster way to get such a bag will be to ask your wife, mother or grandma, maybe one of them has a sewing machine?

What about creating your own European version?