Strida Mas info wanted.

Hey guys.

So … time for an update. I have recently restored a Strida MK1. Nice ride, fun to drive, whooows and whaaws at every red light in the city, amused by the thing. :smiley:

But, it’s for sale now.

New toy was a long search. Finally found a second hand Strida Mas.

First impression: WHAAAAAWWWW! Love this ride! And as i am rather tall, the bended steering kit is absolutely so much more comfort te drive. I am a very happy man. And the shifting mechanism is just the thing i wanted in a Strida folding bike.

But there is always a downside. Although i don’t mind 'cause i love taking things apart.

  1. The rear bearing is noisy. So i have to replace that. Anyone knows a good supplier that ships to Belgium? I asume al Strida’s have the same rear bearing or are there different types?

  2. The shifting mechanism is a beautiful thing. Respect for Mark Sanders! But i want to know how i dismantel the shifting mechanism as i want to clean the inside and put some new grease in it. It’s sounds a bit crunchy … like sand between teeth …

Thanks guys.

Grtz from Belgium.

Hello guzzio,

you’re right; the bended steering is a must for taller ones :smiley:

  1. Please what exactly do you mean with rear bearing?
    Could you please identify the parts nr?

  2. Please note:
    The inventor of the original speed drive is Mr. Florian Schlumpf from Suisse.
    An ATS drive, like built in the Strida MAS, is a license product.

It seems that the ATS domain is for sale
moreover that you can’t find anywhere info about the ATS.

But the inventor did his homework very well and therefore you can still find a complete documentation of the original drive.

Schlumpf speed drive manual.pdf

Hey Blackstridaaustria

It’s the bearing on the last picture. As i stop pedaling, i hear the rear bearing grinding. I am sure it’s worn.

Do you now if it’s possible to open up the bearing to have a look inside? Or is it a closed unit and not greasable …

And as far as the Schlumpf mechanism … i hesitate to take it apart, 'cause i need special tools and i don’t want to wreck this nice piece of art. I just want to grease it and see what it results to …

So do you know how to grease the unit?

I will have a look at the internet links you answered me tonight …

Thanks in advance! :wink:

Hi guzzio,

guess you mean the freewheel, part nr.: 340-05…

It is - but it doesn’t make sense.
Open the freewheel
Simply replace it - special tool “T” needed.
Strida workshop tool guide

You read already chapter C-1 of the speed drive manual?

Mentioned grease syringes should be available via the German company
Maybe there’s also one left over in Vienna :wink:

Hey Blackstridaaustria,

Superthanks! You are the man!

Just greased up the Schlumph mechanism and keep you posted how this turns out.

The freewheel bearing is so worn, i defo needs replacement. :cry:

To be continued. :wink:

Strange thing about Strida’s … every drive puts a smile on my face. :mrgreen:

Simple questionnaire for Strida users

Did a 16 km drive. Schlumph speed drive does its job perfectly. It needs some practice, a firm kick and it goes into speed shift every time. When i shift too gently (happened only once), i was kicking air. So overal i am VERY HAPPY, although there is a big difference between the lowest and highest gear. As an urban bike, just perfect.

When i put the belt of an turn the crancks, no noise at all from the Schlumpf drive. So i am certain now that the noise comes from the freewheel at the rear wheel.

To be continued.

Hi, The noise at the rear wheel may be coming from the small snubber bearing, something else to check. I have both the snubber bearing and the freewheel in stock.


Hey guys.

So … i fiddled a good shot of MOS2 grease in the rear freewheel bearing.

I managed to get it in the bearing with this ‘tool’ from the local pharmacy. Don’t knwo how this is called in English … :confused:

Worked out good, but it was a rather messy job. :neutral_face:

Result: the bearing noise is about 75% gone!

So … i will still order a new freewheel bearing in a week or so, 'cause i haven’t got much time for the moment. And i think i will grease up the new bearing before i put it on the Strida. Some extra grease is always a good thing … :mrgreen:

And finally, i put my favorite saddle on the Strida and moved the saddle up for a better position. Just SUPER :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

So … had the time to replace the freewheel bearing. It was worn out and noisy. Replacement was a 30 min. job and easy.

Also replaced the folding pedals.

NOTE: the preload on the bearing from the folding pedals, were way to stiff. The pedals did not spin around smoothly from out of the box. So i losened up the nuts a ltittle bit and did some extra grease on the bearings. So to Strida: don’t be so niggardly with grease and check that preload when selling rather expensive folding pedals. :frowning:

But everything just worked out perfectly. No more noise, very smooth. Very happy!

And by the way. I also removed that roller bearing under the belt, just under the freewheel bearing. It just causes extra friction and i don’t see any reason why i should leave it in situation. :confused:


First - many thanks for teaching me new words!

Well…you don’t see any reason yet…Ok…
BUT, once your freewheel started wearing a bit, with decreasing belt tension and much force at the pedals - like going uphill or perhaps even doing wheelies

  • you may miss it…

Hey Blackstridaaustria

So in a few weeks i can tell that your are the specialist out here.

Just some simple questions …

I have used the search funtion, but not found the correct answer.

  1. How do i adjust the tension of the belt on my Strida Mas? I think too slack is better then too thight?
  2. Am i correct that the belt does not need silicone grease at all? Or is there some sort of grease to keep the belt in good condition?

Thanks guzzio,

but with mechanic/electric background, a bit interest, some patience and a lot of time it’s relatively easy to collect certain knowledge :laughing:


  • Loosen big groove nut (hook key required!)
  • Loosen the kickstand bolt 274
  • Rotate eccentric bottom bracket to increase/decrease belt tension
  • Tighten kickstand bolt
  • Tighten groove nut
  • Check tension finally again

1b) That’s also the opinion of Mr. Mark Sanders, inventor of Strida.
Read on here: Expert advice on belt tension on alloy chainwheel

Please note that the Marks.pdf link, provided by Ming cycle, doesn’t work.
If anybody is interested to read the document please pm me.
Tips from Mark.pdf torque warning!

  1. Correct as far I know - no grease at all.
    Mr. Sanders mentioned - just in case of squeeking - common candle wax, but to be used only at the sides of the belt and not the teeth.

Ok, ok … i’m getting the picture. But i am a bit confused.

So i loosen the big groove nut … the one with 3 insert points.
Is this the only ‘ring’ i have to loosen? Nothing else? I asume i don’t have to loosen the Schlumpf locking ring?

And so i can move the middle point backward of the centre, so slacken the belt a bit …

Euh … am i correct?

'Cause when there is a Schlumpf fitted, you can’t use the method where you can use a screwdriver to drift the center back or forwards. On a Frida Mas you have to set the belt tension by unscrewing the big groove nut. Correct?

It’s late … i defo need to sleep. My wife is looking a bit weird. Hate it when she is looking weird. Even i bit mad. I know, i know … i confess. When something intrigues me, i want to know everything about it. And i’m on that dreamy ‘Strida’ island again. :mrgreen:

No, except kickstand bolt 274.
Just the big groove nut a the left side.

No, independent of Strida type you need to loosen/tighten the big groove nut.

Try to think strictly logical:

Preassumed bolt 274 was already unmounted and you try to move the eccenter with a drift punch.

(Please ignore arrows and Allen key.)

There are just two possibilities now:
A) You can move it.
B) You can not move it.

What does that mean?
A) The big groove nut is loose (and must be tightened after adjustment).
B) The big groove nut is tight (and has to be loosened before adjustment).

And also logically:
Yes, I do think that the belt tensioning method shown at page 21 of the Strida manual is simply nonsense!

One step further:
According to me is the bolt 274 on its own definitely not able to prevent the eccentric bottom bracket from rotating in its case! That will work properly only together with a tight groove nut.

Ok. Got the picture completely. Job done. Slackened the belt tension. Far less stress on the freewheel. And also did the trick with candle wax. So i think the Strida is in opti forma condition now.

But … i studied the picture you posted. I moved the centre of the cranckcase more upwards. So the belt glides more away from the horizontal frame tube.

So … i have a little bit more ground clearance while pedaling.

But, in my set-up, i need to push the drift punch:

  • away from the rear wheel to slacken the belt,
  • towards the rear wheel to tension up the belt.

Euh … i know … kind a confusing. But i think it’s perfect now. :wink:

No (well, for me personally…).
All info available at the forum - but not that easy to find. :laughing:

Re: How much play in Strida 5 belt?