Strida 5: Tube Lock Breaks

Oh! :confused:
I think you’d better take your Strida back to the local distributor and let them repair it for you.

Here is information about the locking mechanism of the button tube. :wink:
[url]How does the bottom bar latch work?]

Sorry for your troubles, innomind. For all the engineering of the Strida, I’m shocked at the puny little pins and springs that hold things in place like that one in the bottom tube latch. I hope you find a fix for the problem and can post it.
@Amuro Lee: the pin apparently sheared off from what is shown in the video. That’s structural failure. I hope there is a local distributor that will repair it. If I had that problem, I’d be on my own for repairs - I have no local distributor. For all the engineering thought that went into the Strida design, I sometimes wonder what the hell Mark Sanders was thinking about on safety related items like this.

Hi chainstrainer,

According to the patent document, it seems that the quick release structure of the steering pin used on Strida 3 to 5 was designed by Ming Cycle themselves instead of Mark Sanders.
[url]Patent documents of Strida]
[url]What a pity! - #3 by Amuro_Lee]


Ah, it was designed by Ming Cycle, no wonder why it broke…

Hello innomind,

did you ask Ming what to do?
I would really like to read their reply…

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