How does the bottom bar latch work?

Could someone please explain how exactly the bottom bar locking mechanism is supposed to work? How does the latch on the steering pin lock & release the bottom bar? Are there any moving parts inside the hole? Such as a sliding sleeve, spring, bearings, etc?

You might wonder why I don’t look at my own bike. Well, I have looked at it, but since I am currently experiencing problems, I have no way of knowing if everything is working the way it is supposed to!


Hi StridaD,

actually there is a small spiral spring in the bottom tube locking to be found.
The outer diameter of the spring might be at 2,5 mm, the groove, which contains the locking latch, is about 3,2 mm. Sorry, can’t tell the length without disassembling! :laughing:

Position 1 (fully unlocked/locked bottom tube):

The spring is pressing the locking latch upwards.

Position 2 (in the moment of locking):

The latch is compressing the spring.

Any other question? :smiley:

B. r.

Here is the patent document of the quick release structure of the steering pin used on Strida 3.x to 5.x :wink:

Thanks Amuro, very useful!

Perfect, thanks to both of you for your research!

So, when engaged, the latch overlaps the lip of the inner sleeve in the hole. When you depress the latch, it becomes flush with the pin and the pin can pass through the hole.