Strida 5.0 folding pedals not the best

The folding pedals on my Strida 5.0 (bought last October, not sure if that makes it a 5.2?) have both had issues with the bearing housing getting wrecked. Has anyone else had this problem?

The right-side pedal already failed a couple of months ago. Now I am hearing/feeling the same clicking sound in the left one that preceded the failure of the right one.

Based on my experience with the right-side pedal, what will probably happen is that the clicking will become more and more pronounce, and the pedal will have more and more “play” within the folding joint. Finally, at some point when I fold the pedal, the cap over the bearing housing will pop off and I will see broken bits of metal and misplaced bearings inside!

Luckily I already got a spare set of pedals on warranty. I hope that the design has been improved, but they look the same on the outside. Hopefully Ming is aware of this issue. Meanwhile, I will probably buy some higher quality pedals from a third-party supplier the next time one of them goes.

The plastic folding pedals used on Strida are provided by VP Components.

The model is VP-F50 which is also used on other brands of folding bikes, e.g. A-bike, Carryme, IF series, etc.

Thanks! Now I know who to blame. :wink: By the way, my left pedal is now completely wrecked as well.

I don’t know, maybe I just happened to get a defective set of pedals, right and left. We’ll see in about 6 months whether it happens again with the replacement pedals that I got on warranty.

Yes. They suck. Mine clicked from the very beginning. I replaced them with Wellgo FP-7.

The year-old pedals on my 5.0 are still fine. YMMV.

I just bought my Strida 5.0 used (barely) from an individual and the first time that I had the darn thing out for a ride the left pedal broke. I replaced it with a locally purchased plastic pedal for $55
No problems no clicking now.

I just took off the folding pedals cause they kinda flex and threw on my old non folding mtn bike pedals with straps. They feel alot more stable now especially when I’m standing on them once in awhile when coasting to get some blood flowing :slight_smile:

I too purchased a barely used Strida from an individual and the first time that I took it out for a ride one of the pedals also broke. I now suspect that what I’d purchased was a counterfeit. However after upgrading the pedals and just yesterday upgrading to genuine Strida 18 inch wheels I’m pleased with the bike.

Yeh those all plastic VP pedals can be a bit duff … but everyone still likes them because compared ot any others they a so damn light. My favourites VP117’s are about 1 lbs heavier … you pays y money …

I’m using VP-F80 alloy pedels on my Strida Sport Duo. I thing they are okay. :slight_smile:

I’m personally a bit frustrated with the pedal situation for folding bikes:Since the pedals seem to always be the limiting factor in bike width I always feel tempted to fold them, but the fact that they offer so little in width savings while being as much or more trouble to fold as the rest of the bike makes me feel like I’m wasting my time when I do fold them.

I actually had no problems with the folding action per se, just the quality of the pedals themselves.

Now I’ve gone with a completely different solution and bought detachable MKS EZY-Promenade pedals (the Mark II ones). Very satisfied so far!

Just another report - I’ve changed VP-F50 on my Strida 5.2 to Shimano PD-M540 clipless and I now enjoy all the benefits of circular pedaling. The only drawback so far is that it became more difficult to put folded strida into the carrying bag.

Informative post - thank you all!

Quit satisfied with the quality of the Strida aluminium folding pedals

I am looking for alternative solutions because of reasons, already mentioned:

  • folded height (or width)
  • circular pedaling

This is a MKS Ezy Promenade pedal:
(detachable, no click - system)

Shimano PD-M540:
(not detachable, click - system)

How about MKS Ezy Cube ?

Detachable and click - system looks very useful, but I would really like to know:

@ StridaD : Would it be possible to insert the Ezy pedals from the inside of the cranks (for transport & storage)?

@ one_half_3544 : Is it possible to move the heel sideways ( a few cm’s) without opening of the click - connection of the PD-M540 (to change gears on speed drive)?

This is really great. I wish I knew about these pedals before ordering M540.

I’ve ridden strida SD only once (during the test drive at the local dealer shop) and don’t remember the exact place/shape of the gear-changing button.
I can touch the base of the crank arm with my heel without disengaging from pedal:

Several millimeters more to the center (if I rise the heel slightly) and the cleat disengages.

I use (default) SM-SH51 cleat (marked in documentation as a single-release). Multi-release version (SM-SH56) could have some other limits, I haven’t used it.

Sorry …seems like these pedals are not really common (reason:price?), found (accidentally) here:

Many thanks for the detailed information about heel and cleats,
I think there will be no problem, for next I will google for shoes :slight_smile:

MM Cube Ezy pedal on the official website of MKS :wink:

MKS catalogue in English.

I use the Wellgo QRD system. The MKS Ezy (Superior) looks more elegant of course.

If it would be possible to get clipless and platform pedals for the MKS Ezy Superior (in Europe) I would reconsider. But I don’t like the “standard” MKS Ezy system. I found some reports of disengaging pedals and I don’t like the idea of a loose extra plastic part to stop this.

Many thanks to Amuro for the MKS pdf, it explains to me (I guess) what

That’s the yellow part, called stopper I would suppose :open_mouth:

Many thanks also to Tom__ for the worthwhile hint about the incompatibility :smiley:

Well, seems that Wellgo QRD W01 is the best for those who already have shoes with shimano cleats.

Tom_, how reliable is QRD system, did you have any problems with it?