My Strida SD (Sport Duo)

Photos taken by the local distributor.

I’m extremely busy recently so I still hasn’t picked it up from the local distributor yet. :cry:

Awesome! =D

I want one, although I spent the money I had saved for one on other bikes because it’s taken so long for them to be available. =(


Have gone to pick it up yet? We’d love to know what you think of it, and if you’re satisfied with the ATS version of the drivetrain. Please post your first impressions as soon as you’ve gotten to try it.


I hope I can pick it up tomorrow. :unamused:

Mark Sanders’ autographs on my SD! :sunglasses:

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That is one fine looking bike. How are you liking it so far, was the upgrade worth it?

Hi, Amuro.


I have bought a Sport Duo too, but still I have not got it.

Please, let us know your riding experience.

Best regards


P.S. Another report … mpression/

My new Sport Duo :laughing:

NV :smiley:

To you lucky Strida Sport Duo owners:

Have you put some kilometers on your new SDs?

Do you like the AST Speed-Drive and it’s gear ratios?

Reports of your experiences would be greatly appreciated.


My wife and I purchased a pair of the SDs and love them.

The low gear is certainly low enough to get up quite steep hills. You can’t stand on the pedals, but staying in the saddle is reasonably powerful and comfortable.

The high gear is adequate to maintain 15-20 km/h on level terrain with a comfortable cadence.

Shifting is easy with the heel tap. Occasionaly it has slipped out of high into low, but I don’t know if this may be a result of not engaging high gear totally or something else. It is nice that you don’t have to be peddaling to shift gears.

I have been using my SD for 9 months, 525 km of mileage now. I love my bike very much!

The quilty of the ATS speed-drive is acceptable and almost maintenance free. Of course, it will be better if you can afford the Swiss-made Schlumpf speed-drive upgrade.

It took me some time to get used to the gear ratios and the shifting method. However, after you have got used to them, you will love your SD, especially when you are climbing up a long and quite steep incline. :wink:

I agree with Mark Sanders that single speed suits Strida’s uncluttered, clean and minimalist design philosophy. It is already enough for daily commuting in urban area.

However, if you want to ride your Strida on different terrains, want a faster speed and do not mind the extra weight of the speed-drive and alloy belt pulleys, SD is a good choice.

Maybe the shift lever covering the left crank arm is too tight and pushes the button back occasionally. Try to bend the lever outward a bit to release the pressure. :wink:

First of all, I have to say that I weigh 250lbs. :blush:

When I bought my Strida SD 16 months ago, it came with alloy wheels with single-wall rim which are the same as those of used on Strida 5.0/5.2

I ride my SD to work everyday and used to put it in the storeroom in my working place when I was on duty. After I had been using the bike for just a few months, when I took my SD back from the storeroom one day, I found that the rim of the rear wheel was seriously bent and could not be repaired. :frowning:
Maybe it was done by one of my colleagues. I don’t know. Anyway, I ordered a new rear wheel from the local distributor and replaced the wheel for the first time.

After I had been using the new real wheel for half a year, I found that one of its spokes broke so I replaced the broken spoke in a local bike shop.

2 months ago, the rear wheel was bent again so I took the bike to a local bike shop. Unfortunately, the shop owner found a broken spoke and a crack on the flange of the hub. Therefore, I had to replace the rear wheel again. :cry:

I ordered a pair of alloy wheels with double-wall rim which are used on Strida 5.1 (Taiwan domestic version) from the local distributor. During the waiting period, I borrowed a pair of plastic wheels of Strida LT from a friend and used them on my SD.

I used to think the plastic wheels used on Strida LT are really indestructible. However, I found that I was wrong last Wednesday. :open_mouth:

I picked up the wheels with double-wall rim from the local distributor on the same day and installed them on my SD on Friday night.

Last Saturday was the first day which I commuted by my SD equipped with the new wheels with double-wall rim. When I rode home from my office, I found that the rear wheel was wobbly and some of the spokes are completely loose! How can Ming Cycle sell such badly built wheels to their customers :question: :exclamation: :imp:

I hope you asked Ming-cycle this question, too?

I was under the impression that the max load for a strida is about 100 kg?

Yes, according to the latest specifications, I am a bit overweight. :blush:
[url]Beginner's query: 230-lb/104kg rider on Strida LT? - #4 by Amuro_Lee]

My Strida SD in front of Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower. :sunglasses:

New accessories on my SD. :sunglasses:

MKS FD-7 Folding Pedals + Quick Release Seat Molding + Allay Nomad 1.1 Saddle in XL size + Cateye TL-LD1100 rear light :wink:


Are you planning a longer ride (maybe with Tom__)? :smiley: