Strida 3 belt replacement- help please!

Hello all,
First post from a Strida 3 owner guilty of leaving his bike gathering dust for 8 years after a belt break…
So the manual for Strida 3 doesn’t explain what to do to put on a new belt. I’ve tried to search the Forum for a ‘How to’ replace the drive belts but the ones I’ve found are for more sophisticated versions. My one only has the little roller above the rear bracket to allegedly stop it popping.
Does anyone know where to find guidance?
I’m really keen to get back on my Strida so white van man can shout ’ do you juggle as well? ’ when I glide past him in traffic…

Hello Siatbury,

at Stridaforum!

Anyway you have to unmount the little roller (snubber bearing) at the rear.
Maybe this post helps a bit, principially there’s not that much difference to your Strida 3:
Re: fitting a new belt on strida 5

The adequate reply for the white van man would be: “Sure mate - and I’m kickboxing as well!” :smiling_imp:

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