fitting a new belt on strida 5


I recently bought a new Strida 5 and the (new) belt got twisted and damaged after only a month. I’ve recently purchased a new belt. I’ve been looking all over on how to fit a new belt on this blasted bike to no avail.

Could someone please guide me through the steps?


Hi Guest,

you might follow this guide (and just cancel the not required steps).

I mean you’ll need the steps:
3. (removing not necessary, loosening the kick stand bolt is enough)
5. - 10.
20. - 24.

Please let me know if there are further questions :wink:

I’ve mentioned the following already in the Schlumpf guide but due to it’s importance I’ll repeat here:

Please check the condition of part 338 (magnet spacer)!
If the flange is bent (caused by too much tension on the wheel bolt 379) the part must be replaced.
A damaged magnet spacer may cause belt twisting.
Belt twisted twice

thanks but…wow… I need to do all that ?
how many tools do I actually need to buy just to change one belt.
I don’t understand step 1 (and certainly don’t own a 60 mm hook key?)

If there would be an easier way - why shouldn’t I tell you?
I mean - yes - you need to do the steps noted above, in sum ~ 15
(I wrote here ~ 15 because you could perhaps skip the wheel unmounting…but that doesn’t make sense: As meant above you should check 338…which is below the wheel bolt…)

At least you need the hook key and 4, 5 and 6 mm Allen keys.
And you need the hook key also for correct belt tensioning.

You really don’t understand:

  1. Loosen the big groove nut of the bottom bracket by using a 60 mm hook key


Well…in that case…please don’t get me wrong…I would suggest you visit a workstore and let a professional bike mechanic do the belt exchange.
Excuse me, but did you think you can work without tools?
It was a lot of work to collect the info for a basic Strida workstore - but note that’s just a part and several special tools are still missing:
Strida workshop tool guide

Btw, middle quality hook keys in that size, or adjustable ones, should be on the market for ~ 20€.

You’re maybe overwhelmed by the amount of steps I’ve listed above; please consider that they are pretty detailed.
The amount of details might be confusing at first sight, the reasons to show/write as much as possible were:

  • On one hand to supply info for mechanically (half-way) experienced users to fix problems by themselves.
  • And on the other to help mechanically less experienced Striders to get comprehensible advice to decide whether they will be able to fix by DIY - or to need a professional.

So, I’d really love to guide you - but without any effort (and a few tools) by yourself I’m unfortunately overcharged.

Free Christmas offer just for you:
Bring bike/belt to Vienna, we’ll replace it, check/replace together 338 (you receive a hook key?), visit a Viennese bike store and have a beer :smiley: