Strida 3.3 Vs. Strida 3.2

Light spoked alloy wheels Vs. ‘bomb-proof’ plastic wheels.
Which version is better?
Any comments?

i just got what I think is a 3.2 a couple of days ago.

Absolutley LOVING it :slight_smile:

Not seen any alloy wheeled stridas here in the UK, so i guess the plastic wins !

High pressure > speed: alloys win
(But most would not notice the difference)

Indestructable (eg naked bike in aircraft holds) + no maintenance:
Plastic wins

I just got my Strida 3.2 and I’m extremely impressed with it so far! Great fun, and seems very well made. I know these have been refined over many years to stand the rigours of regular use.

The folding mechanism is the quickest and easiest I have tried yet. Ok, it’s not light to carry, but I love the way the wheels magnetically lock together into one and then you can wheel it along like a trolley.

Hello Amuro!

I’d like to try alloy wheels, but I suspect I’ll have to wait until I get a 5 to find out :slight_smile:

We certainly think our plastic wheels are very robust, & routinely pump the tyres to 70 psi, & have no blowout problems so far!

They’ve also survived a 'plane trip :slight_smile:

Glad you like it Garry.

If you push it along a lot, you could put a couple of small wheels at the end of the rack, & wheel it along - handy along supermarket aisles, or queues :slight_smile: