Photos of my Strida 3.2 which I bought last night

My Strida and my A-bike

Could M in the number on the body mean Ming Cycles Taiwan? Does Pacific Cycles makes them too?

Why did you choose to buy a 3.2 over a 5.0? Just curious.

I have a 3, and I admit i lust after a 5 !!

the 3 has advantages if you fly with your bike … nylon wheels and drum brakes get less damage by baggage handling ‘gorilaz’

I think the main reason for me to choose a 3.2 over a 5.0 because I’m waiting for the launch of the geared version of Strida.
[url]It seems that there'll be geared version of Strida later]
And the selling price of a 3.2 is much lower than a 5.0 here in Hong Kong. :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided to choose a 3.2 over a 3.3 after I’ve read the replies from this thread on Strida Forum:
[url]Strida 3.3 Vs. Strida 3.2]
and the comment by Mark Sanders himself.
“The Strida 5 has the freewheel at the back, but any savings due to the belt not turning when freewheeling are offset by the 1:3 ratio turning the front freewheel - lost when it is at the back. This change was more due to being able to use the now more available disc brakes (cf drums), and a conventional crank. All this was made possible by the neat wheel hubs Ming developed for the Strida 5, and light spoked wheels. Unlike me, they never appreciated the ‘bomb-proof’ plastic wheels and drums. (The Strida 5 will need more protection when using on airlines.)”